Saudi Arabia Announces Instant e-Visa for Tourists from UK, US, and Schengen Countries

The Ministry of Tourism in Saudi Arabia has introduced a simplified entry process for tourists holding visas from the United Kingdom, United States, and Schengen countries. With the new instant eVisa system, visitors can now enjoy a hassle-free experience exploring the Kingdom's tourism destinations and cultural heritage.

The Ministry of Tourism in Saudi Arabia on Monday unveiled a new instant e-Visa system aimed at enhancing tourism and facilitating entry into the Kingdom.

In a move to attract more visitors, the Ministry announced that individuals holding tourism visas from the United Kingdom, United States, and Schengen countries, along with permanent residents of any European Union nation, can now avail themselves of a hassle-free entry process.

The streamlined entry is made possible through the introduction of an instant eVisa system, which can be accessed via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Saudi Arabia Instant e-Visa For UK, US, and Schengen Countries

With the aim of providing a seamless experience for tourists, the Ministry of Tourism has implemented this new entry process, which enables visitors to explore the diverse attractions, engage in tourism events, and delve into the Kingdom’s rich heritage and historical significance.


It is important to mention that recently, the country has also announced a new e-Visa system, replacing the existing sticker visas for international travellers arriving from UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Exception for Valid Visa Holders

In a significant development, the Ministry has granted an exception for holders of valid tourism or business visas from the United States, United Kingdom, or any of the Schengen states. The exception is applicable if the visa has been utilized at least once to enter the issuing country.

Moreover, this exception extends to immediate family members of the visa holder, as well as to individuals who possess permanent residency in the United States, European Union, or the United Kingdom. First-degree relatives of permanent residents can also enter the Kingdom through an upon-arrival visa at any air, land, or sea port.

Saudi Arabia Instant e-Visa

Saudi Instant e-Visa Requirements

In order to enjoy streamlined entry into Saudi Arabia, travellers must meet specific requirements. These include holding a valid tourism/business visa from the UK, US, or Schengen countries and being eligible as a UK, US, Schengen national, or permanent resident of the EU.

  • Eligible Nationalities: UK, US, Schengen, and EU permanent residents.
  • Valid Visa Requirement: Hold a valid tourism/business visa from the UK, US, or Schengen, used at least once.
  • Exception for Family Members: First-degree relatives of visa holders can also benefit.
  • Upon-Arrival Visa for Permanent Residents: Permanent residents can bring family members via an upon-arrival visa.
  • Compliance and Limitations: Follow local laws, carry identification documents, and note that tourism visas don’t cover Hajj/Umrah.

Emphasis on Compliance and Limitations

While welcoming visitors to explore the wonders of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Tourism highlights the importance of adhering to local laws and regulations. It is mandatory for tourists to carry identification documents at all times.

Additionally, it should be noted that tourism visas do not grant holders the privilege to partake in the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage during the Hajj season.

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Further Information and Resources

For those seeking more details on the tourism visa regulations or access to the list of eligible nationalities, the Ministry of Tourism urges them to visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at

The website serves as a valuable resource for obtaining comprehensive information and assistance regarding visa requirements and related procedures.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism is taking significant strides to promote tourism and simplify entry procedures for visitors. The introduction of instant eVisas for holders of UK, US, and Schengen tourism visas, as well as permanent residents from EU countries, marks a positive development that aims to attract a diverse range of tourists.

By streamlining the entry process, the Ministry hopes to create a welcoming environment for visitors to explore the Kingdom’s unique attractions and immerse themselves in its rich cultural heritage.


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