Sabre Strengthens Partnership With Qantas


Sabre Corporation has strengthens its agreement with Qantas that will offer agents access to richer information about the airline’s fares, products and services. Sabre’s graphical Sabre Red 360 interface will now showcase Qantas products with rich, relevant and engaging content through the airline’s connection with ATPCO.

Sabre will integrate Qantas’ UPAs (Universal Product Attributes), or targeted visual content, that bring unique airline fares, products and services to life. This content has recently expanded into Reassurance UPAs which highlights messaging and graphics about the additional health measures airlines like Qantas are taking to ensure a safe travel environment.

Sabre Red 360 will also showcase Qantas Amenities, such as seat pitch and power outlets, and UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) which are consumer-friendly benefits such as baggage allowance and seat selection.

The connection to Qantas’ ATPCO Routehappy Rich Content expands on Sabre’s existing partnership with Qantas through its Branded Fares solution to deliver greater value to the industry.

Rakesh Narayanan, Vice President, Regional General Manager, Asia Pacific, Travel Solutions, Airline Sales, Sabre welcomed the expansion of its longstanding partnership with Qantas. “We’re delighted Qantas has enabled Routehappy Rich Content program through Sabre Red 360,” said Narayanan.

“This will provide our agency partners with an even richer shopping experience when booking and servicing Qantas customers. Qantas is one of the world’s most innovative airlines and this latest initiative demonstrates their commitment to the agency distribution channel and the use of Sabre technology to support booking growth and industry recovery.”

Igor Kwiatkowski, Executive Manager, Global Sales and Distribution, Qantas, said the airline was pleased to showcase Qantas’ Routehappy Rich Content to agents through Sabre Red 360. “For more than 10 years, Sabre has provided Qantas with a marketplace to promote our products to the industry in new and different ways,” said Kwiatkowski.


“The addition of Qantas’ Routehappy Rich Content builds on our relationship with Sabre and will enable us to provide agents with even more information about our fares and services. This includes more descriptive and engaging content around features such as lounge access, baggage allowances and more recently, our Fly Well programme to help inform customers about the health and safety measures we’ve put in place to ensure a safe travel environment.”

ATPCO said it was fantastic to have Qantas enable its Routehappy Rich Content via Sabre.

“At a time when situations can change rapidly as we navigate our way through this pandemic and airlines need to make the most of every seat, ATPCO’s Routehappy Rich Content can provide a win-win-win scenario for travel consultants to better navigate important content, for airlines to differentiate their offer, and for travellers who are ultimately able to get the personalized travel experiences they want and expect,” said Dari Brooks Ahye, Senior Merchandising Strategist, ATPCO.

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