Railway Minister Reveals Future Of New Delhi Railway Station


Union Railway Minister Piyush Goel on 14 January revealed the stunning images of the revamped design of the New Delhi Railway Station.

Union railway minister Piyush Goyal with tweeting images of the revamped design of New Delhi Railway Station said, “Envisaging an enriched passenger experience with complete integration of different modes of transport, take a look at the future of New Delhi Railway Station.

The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) plans to bid 62 stations, including the New Delhi Railway Station, for redevelopment.


The authority would conduct virtual roadshows for investors from various countries between January 14 and January 19.

The stunning, futuristic new landmark of the state capital is likely to be a world that is removed from today’s congested, dusty world, if its projection allows for anything.

A press release issued by the RLDA said, “These roadshows will be organised online from January 14 to 19 with investors and developers from countries like Singapore, Australia, Dubai and Spain, to discuss the project concept and the proposed transaction structure.”

The project is currently at Request for Qualification (RfQ) stage with a due date as February 2, 2021.


“The project is attracting interest from various stakeholders, and we intend to sustain the momentum through virtual roadshows,” RLDA Vice-Chairman Ved Parkash Dudeja said in the release.

The redevelopment of New Delhi Railway Station is among our flagship projects that will boost tourism prospects and usher a socio-economic transformation of the region. The project is attracting interest from various stakeholders, and we intend to sustain the momentum through virtual roadshows. The initiative will enlighten them about the various aspects of the project,” said Ved Parkash Dudeja, Vice Chairman, RLDA.

RLDA is a statutory body set up in 1989 under the Railway Ministry to develop assets based on the national transporter’s land bank that could be put to commercial use to generate revenue.

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