Qatar Announces New Rules to Ease Visits and Residency Visas

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) in Qatar has announced welcome changes to its family visa process, making it quicker and easier for residents to bring their families to the country. These updates affect both family visits and residency applications.

The Ministry of Interior in Qatar has recently implemented significant revisions to regulations and procedures governing the entry of residents’ families for both visitation and residency purposes.

This move is part of a broader initiative aimed at enhancing the overall quality of services provided, aligning with the state’s overarching approach.

These updates are especially beneficial for:

  • Residents seeking to reunite with their families in Qatar.
  • Expats considering job opportunities in Qatar with family sponsorship options.
  • Families planning to visit Qatar for extended periods.

Sponsoring Families: New Criteria and Guidelines

Under the updated procedures, sponsoring families is contingent upon specific provisions outlined in the employee’s electronic work contract. These provisions primarily focus on salary and accommodation details.


Government and semi-government sector employees are required to secure family housing through their employer or maintain a salary not less than QAR 10,000, as verified by an employment contract.

Private sector employees, specifically in technical or specialized fields, must meet a salary threshold of not less than QAR 10,000 or QAR 6,000 along with family housing, as stipulated in the employment contract.

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Family Sponsorship Criteria and Conditions

In family sponsorship cases, certain conditions must be met. Children should not exceed 25 years of age, and daughters must be unmarried. Sponsors must provide health insurance covering the entire duration of their family’s stay, effective from the date of entry into the country.


For children within the mandatory education age bracket (6-18 years old), enrollment in licensed schools within the country is mandatory.

Alternatively, evidence of education enrollment outside the country can be provided through the educational platform supervised by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This requirement is deemed essential during the issuance or renewal of the residence permit.

  • Salary and accommodation requirements: Linked to the employee’s e-work contract.
  • Government & semi-government employees: Must secure family housing through an employer or have a salary of at least QAR 10,000.
  • Private sector employees: Must hold a technical/specialized profession with a QAR 10,000 salary, or QAR 6,000 with verified family housing.
  • Age limit for sponsored children: 25 years old (daughters must be unmarried).
  • Mandatory health insurance: Covering the entire stay duration.
  • School enrollment for children (6-18 years): Required in licensed Qatar schools or proven enrollment abroad.

Family Visit Guidelines

In the case of family visits, sponsoring residents must belong to non-labour sectors, with a minimum salary of QAR 5,000. Family housing accredited by relevant authorities is also a prerequisite.

Visitors can be relatives within permissible degrees of relation to the sponsoring resident, without specific age restrictions. However, health insurance covering the visitor’s entire stay in Qatar is mandatory.

  • Sponsor’s profession: Must be non-labour, with a minimum salary of QAR 5,000.
  • Family housing: Accredited by relevant authorities.
  • Visitor’s relation: Within permissible degrees, no age limit.
  • Mandatory health insurance: For the visitor’s entire stay.

Implementation and Digital Accessibility

The Ministry emphasized that these updated procedures and regulations are now in effect. To ensure public convenience and ease, the General Directorate of Passports provides all its services electronically through the Metrash2 app and the Ministry of Interior’s official website.

These changes signify a concerted effort by the Ministry to streamline and clarify the processes associated with family entry, ensuring compliance with established criteria while leveraging digital platforms for accessibility and efficiency.

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