Qatar Airways expands to over 40 destinations


Qatar Airways expands its network continues with Bangkok, Barcelona, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Singapore and Vienna. It expands over 4o destinations.

The airline has also announced the resumption of flights to Berlin, Dar es Salaam, New York, Tunis and Venice, while increasing services to Dublin, Milan and Rome to daily flights.

With the addition this week, Qatar Airways’ global network expands to more than 170 weekly flights to more than 40 destinations.

Following the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, when countries around the world closed their borders, almost all global airlines had completely grounded their operations.


However, even during these difficult times, Qatar continued to fly to 30 destinations within its global network, causing the airline to be the largest international airline in the past two months, both in terms of available seating capacity and kilometer of passengers transported.

Qatar Airways also expands its booking policies to offer even more choice to its passengers.

The airline will allow unlimited date changes, and passengers can change their destination as often as they need if it is within 5,000 miles of the original destination.

The airline will not charge any fare differences for travel completed before December 31, 2020, after which fare rules will apply.


All tickets booked for travel up to December 31, 2020 will be valid for two years from the date of issue.

However, Hamad International Airport (HIA) has implemented stringent cleaning procedures and applied social distancing measures throughout its terminals.

  • All passenger touchpoints are sanitized every 10-15 minutes and every boarding gate and bus gate counter is cleaned after each flight.
  • In addition, hand sanitizers are provided at immigration and security screening points.

List of new destinations resumed this week:

  • Bangkok started from 01 June 2020 (Daily)
  • Doha (DOH) to Bangkok (BKK) QR836 departs: 02:55 arrives 13:55
  • Bangkok (BKK) to Doha (DOH) QR837 departs: 02:10 arrives 05:15
  • Barcelona started from 01 June 2020 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Doha (DOH) to Barcelona (BCN) QR145 departs: 08:20 arrives 14:15
  • Barcelona (BCN) to Doha (DOH) QR146 departs: 15:35 arrives 22:40
  • Lahore started from 1 June 2020 (Double Daily)
  • Doha (DOH) to Lahore (LHE) QR628 departs 01:00 arrives 06:30
  • Doha (DOH) to Lahore (LHE) QR620 departs 20:10 arrives 01:40+1
  • Lahore (LHE) to Doha (DOH) QR621 departs 03:45 arrives 05:20
  • Lahore (LHE) to Doha (DOH) QR629 departs 09:30 arrives 11:05
  • Vienna started from 01 June 2020 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Doha (DOH) to Vienna (VIE) QR183 departs: 08:40 arrives 13:20
  • Vienna (VIE) to Doha (DOH) QR184 departs: 16:10 arrives 22:30
  • Karachi started from 2 June 2020 (Double Daily)
  • Doha (DOH) to Karachi (KHI) QR610 departs 01:30 arrives 06:10
  • Doha (DOH) to Karachi (KHI) QR604 departs 20:35 arrives 01:15+1
  • Karachi (KHI) to Doha (DOH) QR605 departs 04:45 arrives 05:35
  • Karachi (KHI) to Doha (DOH) QR611 departs 09:40 arrives 10:30
  • Singapore started from 02 June 2020 (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
  • Doha (DOH) to Singapore (SIN) QR946 departs: 00:40 arrives 13:35
  • Singapore (SIN) to Doha (DOH) QR945 departs: 02:15 arrives 04:55
  • Islamabad started from 4 June 2020 (Double Daily)
  • Doha (DOH) to Islamabad (ISB) QR614 departs 01:00 arrives 06:30
  • Doha (DOH) to Islamabad (ISB) QR632 departs 20:15 arrives 01:45+1
  • Islamabad (ISB) to Doha (DOH) QR633 departs 03:40 arrives 05:30
  • Islamabad (ISB) to Doha (DOH) QR615 departs 09:15 arrives 11:05
  • Peshawar started from 4 June 2020 (Four weekly flights)
  • Doha (DOH) to Peshawar (PEW) QR600 departs 20:20 arrives 01:35
  • Peshawar (PEW) to Doha (DOH) QR601 departs 03:35 arrives 05:10

New destinations currently available for booking:

  • Tunis starting from 5 June 2020 (Monday and Friday)
  • Doha (DOH) to Tunis (TUN) QR1399 departs 08:10 arrives 12:15
  • Tunis (TUN) to Doha (DOH) QR1400 departs 15:30 arrives 22:40
  • Dar es Salaam starting from 16 June 2020 (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
  • Doha (DOH) to Dar es Salaam (DAR) QR1347 departs 01:00 arrives 07:20
  • Dar es Salaam (DAR) to Doha (DOH) QR1348 departs 22:55 arrives 05:30+1
  • New York starting from 19 June 2020 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Doha (DOH) to New York (JFK) QR701 departs 08:15 arrives 15:00
  • New York (JFK) to Doha (DOH) QR702 departs 21:00 arrives 16:15+1
  • Berlin starting from 01 July 2020 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Doha (DOH) to Berlin (TXL) QR081 departs: 07:55 arrives 12:55
  • Berlin (TXL) to Doha (DOH) QR082 departs: 15:40 arrives 22:25
  • Venice starting from 15 July 2020 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Doha (DOH) to Venice (VCE) QR125 departs 08:20 arrives 13:15
  • Venice (VCE) to Doha (DOH) QR126 departs 16:05 arrives 22:30

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