Passengers Need To Pay For Quarantine Facility At Delhi Airport


The Delhi government on Thursday has issued a ‘revised order’ on guidelines for handling of passengers from abroad arriving at the Delhi airport.

The revised order only mentions “paid institutional quarantine centers” as an option for the passengers while the previous order which is issued on Wednesday had given an option of either home quarantine or government quarantine facility, which is free.

“The passengers will be quarantined at a paid institutional quarantine center. Also, as per the new order, passengers from other states will also be quarantined for 14 days by the Delhi government,” a Delhi government official told.

The earlier order stated that passengers of other states will be taken care of by the Resident Commissioners and nodal officers of their respective states, including “boarding and lodging in Delhi and transportation to their respective states”.


The Process

  • Passengers on the arrival are going to be escorted by airline staff to health counters of the Airport Health Organisation (APHO) for the initial thermal screening, where symptomatic passengers would be isolated and moved to designated hospitals.
  • After the initial screening, the remaining asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to move to the designated immigration counters with passports and a duplicate copy of the SRF (Self-Reporting Form).
  • After clearance from the immigration counter, passports of the passengers will be retained by the immigration officials, and passengers in batches of 30, will be handed over to an escort team which is headed by a Central Industrial security force (CISF) officer. The passports would be handed over to the CISF team head and not to the passengers.
  • After that, all the passengers will then move to the baggage belts to gather their baggage, and passengers will proceed further through the customs.
  • The passengers will then move to the designated triage area manned by Delhi government officials. Here, the passports of the whole batch are handed over to the medical officer-in-charge at the counter.
  • After checks, passports of the whole batch will be given to the escort team, who will take them to the designated quarantine center in buses provided by the Delhi government.

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