No Cancellations, Flight Operations Remain Normal, Says SpiceJet


SpiceJet issued a statement on Monday, August 1st, stating that its flight operations remain completely normal and that all of its flights have departed on time, as scheduled, with no cancellations.

This comes after the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India July 27 imposed restrictions on the number of flights operated by SpiceJet and reduced flight operations to 50% for the next eight weeks.

“SpiceJet flight operations remain absolutely normal. All our flights have departed on time, as per schedule today and there have been no cancellations,” said SpiceJet in a Tweet.

The airline also stated that it has excellent loads and that daily ticket bookings remain strong. SpiceJet’s load factor was 81 per cent on July 30th and 82.4 per cent on July 31st.

“SpiceJet is grateful for the continued confidence reposed by our passengers and travel partners and we are confident of scaling up our operations and addressing any concern that the regulator may have, on priority,” said SpiceJet spokesperson in a statement.

It is worth noting that the aviation regulator, DGCA, stated that any increase in the number of departures beyond 50% must be demonstrated to the satisfaction of DGCA that the airline has sufficient technical support and financial resources to safely and efficiently undertake such increased capacity.

Notably, since June 19, at least eight incidents of technical malfunction in SpiceJet aircraft have been reported to the DGCA.


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