New Zealand Working Holiday Visa 2024: Dates and Eligibility Criteria

Explore the comprehensive guide to New Zealand's Working Holiday Visa Scheme for 2024. From reopening dates to eligibility criteria and available places, this article equips you with essential information for an unforgettable experience in New Zealand.

New Zealand Immigration has unveiled the eagerly awaited 2024 reopening dates for capped Working Holiday Schemes (WHS) catering to various countries. These schemes offer young individuals the opportunity to explore New Zealand while working for up to 12 months, with extended durations available for certain nationalities.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the reopening dates, eligibility criteria, and essential details for aspiring participants.

Working Holiday Schemes (WHS)

New Zealand Working Holiday Schemes (WHS) allows you to travel, work, and study in the Land of the Long White Cloud for up to 12 months (with extensions possible for Canadians and Brits).

What can you do with a WHS?

  • Travel freely throughout New Zealand
  • Work any temporary job (excluding permanent offers)
  • Study for up to 6 months (language courses, short programs, etc.)

But wait, there’s more! Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know:

Reopening Dates and Quotas

The Working Holiday Schemes for 2024 will commence opening on specified dates. It’s crucial to note that once a scheme opens, applications will be accepted until the quota is filled. Once filled, the scheme will close until the following year.

However, schemes with available places from 2023 will continue to accept applications until their quotas are met. The quota resets with each new opening date in 2024.

Working Holiday Scheme2024 Opening DateCap (People per year)
Malaysia8 February 20241,150
Portugal20 February 202450
Mexico27 February 2024200
Estonia7 March 2024100
Philippines12 March 2024100
Hong Kong19 March 2024400
Slovenia4 April 2024100
Spain11 April 20242,000
Hungary23 April 2024100
Slovakia2 May 2024100
Austria9 May 2024100
Korea16 May 20243,000
Israel21 May 2024200
Taiwan28 May 2024600
Singapore30 May 2024300
Czech20 June 20241,200
United Kingdom25 June 202415,000
China2 July 20241,000
Luxembourg4 July 202450
Poland9 July 2024100
Latvia16 July 2024100
Thailand1 August 2024100
Malta8 August 202450
Lithuania15 August 2024100
Turkey29 August 2024100
Croatia12 September 2024100
Argentina24 September 20241,000
Peru1 October 2024100
Brazil8 October 2024300
Chile17 October 2024940
Viet NamDate to be confirmed200
Uruguay31 October 2024200
2024 Opening Dates For Capped Working Holiday Schemes

Eligibility and Criteria

Working holiday visas are typically available to individuals aged 18 to 30, with some countries extending the age limit to 35. Participants can travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months, with longer durations permitted for citizens of certain countries.


For instance, individuals from Canada can work and travel for up to 23 months, while those from the United Kingdom enjoy a maximum stay of 36 months.

Employment Conditions

While on a New Zealand working holiday visa, recipients cannot accept permanent job offers. Employment conditions may vary depending on the participant’s country of origin. It’s essential to review the specific details of each country’s working holiday visa scheme.

Additionally, applicants must possess sufficient funds to cover a return ticket, with the primary intention being holidaying, while work or study serves as a secondary pursuit.

Who is eligible?

  • Young adults aged 18-35 (some countries up to 36)
  • Citizens of countries with a WHS agreement with New Zealand (check the list!)

Studying and Training Opportunities

Working holiday visa holders have the option to engage in educational pursuits during their stay. They can enrol in one or more courses for up to 6 months in New Zealand. Whether it’s learning English, participating in a Study Abroad program, or undertaking short training courses, participants have diverse educational avenues to explore.

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Application Process

All working holiday visa applications must be submitted online during the designated open period. In most cases, individuals can apply from any country, including from within New Zealand.

However, specific schemes may require applicants to be in their home country during the application process. For instance, applicants for the China Working Holiday Visa must apply from China.


Additional Requirements

Applicants applying for a Working Holiday Visa within New Zealand may be required to furnish a medical certificate. Furthermore, those intending to stay in New Zealand for more than 12 months, encompassing various visa types, must undergo a chest x-ray and a general medical examination.

Key Things to Remember

  • Limited quotas: Apply on the opening date specific to your country before spots fill up (see table below).
  • Financial stability: Show you have enough funds for your stay and return ticket.
  • Holiday intentions: Your primary purpose should be tourism, with work and study as secondary activities.
  • Visa application: Apply online only when your country’s scheme is open.
  • Medical requirements: Depending on your stay duration, you might need a medical certificate or examination.
  • Visa activation: Arrive in New Zealand within the given timeframe (usually 1 year) to activate your visa.


The Working Holiday Visa Scheme for 2024 promises exciting opportunities for young individuals seeking adventure and cultural immersion in New Zealand. Aspiring participants should familiarize themselves with the reopening dates, eligibility criteria, and application procedures to make the most of this enriching experience.

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