New York To Quarantine Four More States


New York has just added its four states in its quarantine list. Those states are – Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The quarantine was implemented as COVID-19 is currently spiking. These state residents will have to undergo quarantine restrictions if they travel to New York.


Common travel restrictions for certain domestic travelers entering Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) that were enacted last month require visitors to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon the arrival .

Severe penalties are imposed for violations of the regulation.


For New York state, which was the hardest-hit in the early stages of the pandemic’s spread across America, preventing the second surge of new infections is crucial in order to avoid undermining the massive efforts that have gone into containing community spread.

According to a report, Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned that the falling rate of infections in New York could be undone if out-of-state visitors import fresh cases.

State and local contact tracking efforts recently showed that more than a third of the people who attended a party in Suffolk County on July 4 had COVID-19, Cuomo’s office said.

“It’s also clear, based on contact tracing, that many of the new cases in New York are a result of a lack of compliance during the July 4 weekend and illustrate how quickly the virus spreads, with one party, for example, infecting more than a third of attendees,” Cuomo said in a news release. “I cannot be more clear: Look at what’s happening in the rest of the country — if we are not smart, if we don’t wear masks and socially distance, cases will spike. No one wants to go back to the hell we experienced three months ago, so please stay vigilant.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo

On July 13, Cuomo made it clear that arrivals outside of the state that is from restricted states that do not truthfully and completely fill out the New York airport contract tracking form must face a $2,000 fine, to complete the mandatory quarantine.

If you come to New York by car or train, you must also complete the Traveler Health Form online.

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