New Rules for 5-Year Multiple-Entry Tourist Visas in UAE: 10 Key Points

The UAE introduces new regulations for long-term multiple-entry tourist visas, offering a 5-year visa option for tourists of all nationalities. This development allows travelers to enter the UAE multiple times within the visa's validity period, saving time and effort.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) has announced new regulations for long-term multiple-entry tourist visas in the UAE. Tourists of all nationalities holding a 5-year multiple-entry visa must adhere to specific entry requirements and conditions to enjoy their extended stay in the country.

UAE Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa (Valid for 5 years)

The newly introduced 5-year multiple-entry visa is a significant development aimed at facilitating long-term stays for tourists visiting the UAE. This visa grants travellers the opportunity to enter the country multiple times within the visa’s validity period, which spans five years from the date of issuance.

This means that visitors are not limited to a single entry but can enjoy the flexibility of leaving and re-entering the UAE as needed during the visa’s validity.

Visa Rules

1. Time Limit for Visa Entry

According to the ICP, tourists with a long-term multiple-entry tourist visa have a two-month window to enter the UAE from the date of visa issuance. Failure to do so may result in the visa becoming invalid.


2. Easy Application Process

While abroad, tourists can directly apply for the 5-year multiple-entry visa without the need for a sponsor, using the ICP’s smart channels available on their website and smart application.

3. Visa Duration and Extensions

The 5-year multiple-entry visa permits a non-continuous stay of up to 90 days in the UAE. However, holders have the option to extend their stay for a similar duration if necessary.

4. Visa Fees and Requirements

To obtain the visa, applicants are required to pay Dhs3,775, inclusive of various fees such as issuing the visa, application fees, smart services, ICP, and electronic services charges. The fee may vary depending on the data provided in the application.

Application fee: 100 AED
Issuance fee: 500 AED
Electronic services: 50 AED
Application fee: 100 AED per person
Issuance fee: 500 AED per person
Electronic services: 50 AED per transaction

5. Financial and Health Conditions

Applicants must attach a stamped and coloured bank statement from the last six months, demonstrating a balance of $4,000, and obtain health insurance issued in the UAE for 180 days.


6. Family Group Visa

Families with children under 18 years old can apply for a group tourist visa, allowing multiple entries with each stay not exceeding 90 days from the visa issuance date.

7. Important Stay Rules

Visa holders are reminded that any stay in the UAE exceeding 90 days must be avoided, as the remaining days will not be carried over to the next year. Violations of the specified stay period may render the visa invalid.

8. How to Apply

Interested applicants can apply for the 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa through the ICP’s official website “,” the UAEICP smart application, or by visiting the nearest customer happiness centre or accredited typing office affiliated with the ICP. Ensure all required documents and conditions are met, and the applicable service fees are paid.

9. Application Cancellation Policy

The ICP has a strict cancellation policy for applications with deficient data or incomplete documents. If an application is returned due to these reasons, it will be automatically cancelled after 30 days.


If the application is returned three times for the same reason, it will be permanently cancelled. Furthermore, applicants who fail to send a complete application on the same day may incur daily fines until the proper application is resubmitted.

10. Refund Policy

In the event of rejection, only the issuance fee for the visa will be refunded, as indicated by the ICP.


The UAE’s new regulations for long-term multiple-entry tourist visas aim to streamline the application process and ensure compliance with stay periods. Tourists planning an extended stay in the country should be mindful of the entry time limit and adhere to the specified visa requirements to avoid any inconveniences during their visit.

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