Navigating the Fog: Your Guide to Flight Disruptions and Passenger Rights

Winter fog can throw your travel plans into a tailspin, but fear not! You have rights as a passenger. This guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate weather-related disruptions, from understanding rebooking options to potential refunds.

Winter in India often means one thing for air travellers: fog. These dense blankets of mist can wreak havoc on flight schedules, leaving passengers stranded and uncertain.

Fear not, weary traveller! While Mother Nature may call the shots on visibility, you have rights as a passenger, and airlines, like Air India with its innovative “Fog Care” initiative, are there to navigate the turbulence with you.

What is Fog Care?

Fog Care is a passenger-centric program designed to minimize the inconvenience caused by fog-related delays and cancellations. When your Air India flight gets grounded due to the weatherman’s whiteout, you have the flexibility to:

  • Reschedule without any additional charges onto the next available flight. No more waiting in limbo, wondering when you’ll finally reach your destination.
  • Cancel your flight and receive a full refund for the affected leg of your journey. Choose travel freedom and peace of mind, even when Mother Nature throws a curveball.

Your Rights as a Passenger

Fog Care is just one aspect of your broader passenger rights during weather disruptions.


When confronted with flight disruptions due to fog or adverse weather conditions, understanding your rights as a passenger becomes paramount. While general guidelines apply, it’s essential to recognize that specific policies may differ among airlines and regions.

Here’s a quick rundown:

1. Alternative Flights or Refunds: Airlines are generally obligated to offer you alternative flights or refunds for cancelled portions of your journey. Remember, this applies not just to fog, but other weather-related disruptions too.

2. Stay Informed: Airlines should keep you in the loop with updates on delays, cancellations, and any available alternative arrangements. No more being left in the dark about your travel plans.


3. Rebooking and Refunds: Depending on the specific situation and airline policy, you may be eligible to rebook on the next available flight at no extra cost or even receive a refund for the affected leg of your journey.

4. Travel Insurance: Consider the safety net of travel insurance. It can provide coverage for unexpected expenses incurred due to delays or cancellations, giving you extra peace of mind.

5. Check Airline Policies: Every airline has its own set of procedures for weather-related disruptions. Familiarize yourself with Air India’s specific policies to understand your rights and what assistance you can expect in case of fog or other disruptions.

6. Accommodation and Alternative Transport: For significant delays or cancellations, some airlines, including Air India, may offer accommodation and alternative transportation options. Don’t hesitate to check with them for details.


Proactive Tips for Foggy Season Travels

Connecting flights: If your first flight gets grounded due to fog, airlines typically allow online or airport rescheduling for connecting flights. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Refundable tickets: Consider investing in refundable tickets, especially if you’re travelling during the foggy season. This gives you the option to cancel and get your money back if delays become unbearable.

Stay weather-aware: Keep an eye on recent air travel and weather trends in your destination and connecting locations. This can help you anticipate potential delays and adjust your travel plans if necessary.

Flight Disruptions Expected in Northern India

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) anticipates the persistence of dense to very dense fog conditions across various regions, including Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, and certain parts of Uttar Pradesh.


This weather phenomenon is expected to prevail until the morning of December 30, with some areas likely to experience such conditions for an additional three to four days.

These challenging weather conditions may lead to flight cancellations, posing potential disruptions for travellers in the affected areas.


In conclusion, as a passenger navigating through fog-related disruptions, being informed about your rights, airline policies, and available options empowers you to make the best decisions for your travel plans. Air India’s “Fog Care” initiative and the flexibility offered by several other airlines are steps towards ensuring a smoother travel experience amidst challenging weather conditions.

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