Ministry of Tourism issues advisory for Hotels and other hospitality service

After Issuing Sops Regulations On June 4, The Ministry Of Tourism Has Now Tweeted A Thread Of Advisories For Guests At Hotels, Hotel Staffs. And Advisory For B&B, Home Stay/ Farm Stay And Operational Recommendations For Hotels. See What’s more.

The government had decided to lift the lockdown by allows hotels, restaurants, homestays, malls, etc from June 8. So now the Ministry of Tourism has issued advisories for Hotels, Guests at Hotels, Hotel staff and other hospitality services.

The Department Also Recommended Advisory For B&B, Home Stay/ Farm Stay And Operational Recommendations For Hotels.

On June 4, the Govt. released standard operating procedures (SOPs) to open up the aforementioned places.

And now the Ministry of Tourism has issued a thread of advisory for Guests, Hotels, Restaurants, Home Stay, Farm Stay, and B&B.


In hotels, minimum contact with reception and physical distance of at least 2 meter will be mandatory.

Also, Guests will have to provide the medical condition and travel history with ID and self-declaration form.

Advisory For Guests At Hotels

 Here is the exact advisory released by Ministry of Tourism:

  • Minimum contact with reception & maintain at least 2 Meter physical distance.
  • Guests to provide details (medical, travel history) along with ID and self-declaration form.
  • Guests must sanitize hands on arrival, before and after filling relevant forms.
  • Communication b/w guests and in-house ops through intercom or mobile phone.
Advisory tweeted by Ministry of Tourism

Advisory For Hotels

  • Food delivery personnel should leave the packet at guest or customer’s door and not handed directly to the receiver.
  • The staff for room deliveries shall be screened thermally by the hotel authorities prior to allowing home deliveries.
  • For air-conditioning/ventilation, the guidelines of CPWD shall be followed which inter alia emphasises that the temperature setting of all air conditioning devices should be in the range of 24-30oC.
  • Relative humidity should be in the range of 4070%.
  • Intake of fresh air should be as much as possible and cross ventilation should be adequate.
Advisory issued by the Ministry of Tourism

Another tweet in this thread had more points from same advisory:


  • Hotels in containment zones shall remain closed. Only those outside containment zones will be allowed to open up.
  • Persons above 65 years of age, persons with comorbidities, pregnant women and children below the age of 10 years are advised to stay at home, except for essential and health purposes. Hotel management to advise accordingly.
  • All employees who are at higher risk i.e. older employees, pregnant employees and employees who have underlying medical conditions, to take extra precautions.
  • They should preferably not be exposed to any front-line work requiring direct contact with the public.
  • Hotel management to facilitate work from home wherever feasible.

In another tweet, after a few minutes the Department issued a Guidelines to handle suspected and COVID-Positive guests.


Which read…

Handling Suspected & COVID Positive Guests


  • Place the ill person in a room or area where they are isolated from others.
  • Provide a mask/face cover till such time he/she is examined by a doctor.
  • Immediately inform the nearest medical facility (hospital/clinic) or call the state or district helpline.
  • A risk assessment will be undertaken by the designated public health authority (district RRT/ treating physician) and accordingly further action be initiated regarding management of case, his/her contacts and need for disinfection.
  • Disinfection of the premises to be taken up if the person is found positive.

Advisory For Hotel Staff

  • Contactless check-in/check-out through QR codes.
  • Guests to be monitored for sneezing/coughing on arrival.
  • Disinfect premises regularly, masks and gloves compulsory while handling linen.
  • No visitors allowed in rooms for guests.
  • Digital payments to be preferred as much as possible.
Advisory for hotel staff issued by the Ministry of Tourism

Advisory For B&B and Homestays

  • Thermal gun, sanitizers, gloves and masks be kept available.
  • Guests and host to have Aarogya Setu app for survey.
  • IS Mopping of floor twice daily mandatory S. thorough disinfection of room after every check-out.
  • Maintaining detailed records of guests’ travel history and medical condition.
  • Guests to be denied entry in the kitchen. Use of disposable cutlery advised.

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