Malaysia Announces Visa-Free Entry for India and China Starting Dec 1

Malaysia announces a groundbreaking decision to waive entry visa requirements for Chinese and Indian nationals from December 1. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim envisions a boost in tourism, economic growth, and international partnerships.

In a significant move aimed at boosting tourism and economic ties, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, declared the elimination of entry visa requirements for Chinese and Indian citizens starting December 1.

This announcement was made during his address at the annual congress of the People’s Justice Party in Putrajaya on Sunday.

Visa-Free Stay for Up to 30 Days

Indian and Chinese nationals visiting Malaysia will now enjoy a visa-free stay for a period of up to 30 days, as highlighted by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. However, this exemption is contingent upon the completion of necessary security screening procedures.

Current Visa Requirements

As of now, Indians and Chinese nationals visiting Malaysia are required to obtain a visa for entry. The visa application process typically involves the submission of necessary documents, including a valid passport and proof of travel arrangements.


However, Malaysia offers the Electronic Travel Registration & Information (ENTRI) visa, facilitating a quicker and more straightforward application process.

Economic Growth Through Tourism

The Malaysian government anticipates a surge in tourist arrivals and increased spending as a result of this strategic decision. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, emphasizing the economic benefits, revealed plans to enhance visa facilities in the coming year, with a specific focus on attracting tourists and investors from India and China.

China’s Reciprocal Gesture

This move by Malaysia aligns with China’s recent decision to permit citizens from six countries, including Malaysia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain to enter China without a visa.

Effective from December 1, this reciprocal arrangement will extend until November 30 of the following year, allowing leisure, business, and family travellers from these nations to stay in China for up to 15 days without the need for a visa.


Visa-Free Entry for Sri Lanka and Thailand

In a broader regional context, it is noteworthy that several countries have recently joined the list of those granting visa-free entry to Indian passport holders. Sri Lanka and Thailand are among the nations that have eased travel restrictions for Indian citizens, promoting enhanced bilateral ties and facilitating smoother cross-border movement.

This bilateral agreement is expected to foster cultural exchanges, stimulate economic collaboration, and fortify diplomatic relations between Malaysia, China, and India.

As Malaysia opens its doors wider to the world, this strategic initiative reflects the nation’s commitment to fostering international partnerships and boosting its tourism sector.

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