Kuwait Suspends Issuance of Tourist And Family Visit Visas Until Further Notice


The Interior Ministry of Kuwait on Tuesday said that it has stopped issuing visit visas including Tourist Visas and Family Visas for those wishing to visit the Gulf state. The suspension came into force on Tuesday, June 28 and will continue till further orders.

According to Kuwait Govt, the decision of suspending visit visas comes as a part of efforts to introduce a new system to impose restrictions on visa procedures.

Kuwait Suspends Visit Visas

“Kuwaiti (Interior) Ministry: Suspension of issuing “family” and “tourist” visit visas until further notice to prepare a new regulatory mechanism,” said Kuwait state news agency in a Tweet.


The decision was taken as per the directives of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

The decision was also part of an effort to allow the Residency Affairs Department to develop a new system to control and enhance the visa-issuance process, according to the ministry.

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