Kuwait Cracks Down on Residency and Work Visa Violations: 1,470 Deported in 11 Days

Kuwait is cracking down on residency and work visa violations with a swift deportation of 1,470 individuals in just 11 days. As security campaigns intensify, the Residency Affairs Investigation Department plays a crucial role in detaining violators.

Kuwaiti authorities have launched a major crackdown on individuals violating residency and employment regulations, resulting in the deportation of 1,470 individuals in just 11 days. This swift action highlights the government’s renewed commitment to upholding the law and regulating its workforce.

A security source within the Ministry of Interior confirmed the ongoing operation, emphasizing the coordinated efforts of various departments under the ministry’s umbrella.

This collaborative approach signifies a comprehensive strategy targeting residency and labour law infringements across the entire country.

Residency Affairs Takes Center Stage

The Residency Affairs Investigation Department, playing a pivotal role in the campaign, has apprehended approximately 700 individuals in the past 10 days alone. These targeted operations demonstrate the department’s focus on identifying and processing residency and labour law violators.


Responding to a Surge in Violations

This intensified enforcement comes as a response to a concerning spike in residency and employment law violations in recent months.

With figures surpassing 40,000 in the new year alone, the Ministry of Interior has deemed stronger measures necessary to maintain order and protect national interests.

Building on Previous Success

Last year, Kuwait deported a record-breaking 42,850 individuals found to violate residency and employment regulations. The current campaign aims to build upon this success and further address the issue of residency and work visa fraud.

Looking Ahead

While the recent deportations indicate significant progress, it remains to be seen if this intensified enforcement will have a lasting impact on residency and employment law compliance in Kuwait.


Continued vigilance and effective collaboration between relevant departments will be crucial in ensuring the long-term success of this campaign.

(Source and Inputs from Gulf News)

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