Kuwait Family Visas: 14 Professions Exempt from Degree Requirement

Kuwait reopens family visas for expats with revised criteria. 14 professions like doctors, engineers, and teachers are exempt from the university degree requirement. Minimum salary of 800 KD applies, with exceptions for children under 5.

Great news for expatriates in Kuwait! The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has officially announced the resumption of issuing family visitor visas, effective January 28, 2024. This decision will allow expat families to reunite in Kuwait after a temporary suspension

Salary and Degree Exemption Criteria

Under the revised regulations outlined in Article 29, applicants for dependent or family visas must demonstrate a monthly salary of 800 Kuwaiti dinars (approximately Rs 2,16,150). However, certain exemptions from the university degree criterion have been granted to specific professions.

Exemptions and Conditions

According to the guidelines set by the General Administration of Residence Affairs, individuals born in Kuwait or abroad to parents residing in Kuwait, and aged under five years, are exempt from the salary requirement. This exemption is subject to specific conditions outlined by the authority.

Implementation and Effect

The decision, detailed in Article Two, mandates the acting undersecretary to execute it promptly. It came into effect upon its publication in the Official Gazette, indicating a swift implementation process by the concerned authorities.


Professions Exempted from University Degree Requirement

Under the revised regulations, expatriates belonging to 14 specific professions are now eligible for family visas without the need for a university degree. This decision marks a pivotal shift in visa policies, offering relief to many expatriate families eager to reunite in Kuwait.

Article 30 delineates 14 professions exempted from the university degree requirement. These include:

S. No.Profession
1Legal professionals (advisors, judges, prosecutors, experts, researchers) in the government sector
2Medical professionals (doctors, pharmacists)
3Professors in universities, colleges, and higher institutes
4Education professionals (school administrators, vice principals, mentors, teachers, social workers, lab attendants) in the government sector
5Financial and economic advisors in universities
7Religious figures (imams, preachers, muezzins)
8Librarians (government agencies & private universities)
9Healthcare professionals (nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, social workers)
10Social workers and psychologists in the government sector
11Journalists, media professionals, and correspondents
12Sports coaches and athletes associated with federations and clubs
13Pilots and flight attendants
14Burial and funeral service providers

Exemptions for Children: Children under five years old born to expat parents in Kuwait or abroad are exempt from the salary requirement.

Streamlined Process and Clearer Guidelines

The revised Article 29 of the Ministerial Resolution No. 957/2019 outlines the updated regulations. Article 30 provides a detailed list of the 14 professions exempted from the degree requirement. This new transparency aims to provide a clearer and more efficient visa application process for expats.


Welcoming Family Reunions

The resumption of family visas is a welcome relief for many expat families who have been separated due to the temporary suspension. This decision highlights the government’s commitment to supporting the expat community and fostering a stable family environment in Kuwait.

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