Kerala Announced New Rules For Travelers, RT-PCR Test Mandatory


As the country has witnessed a huge surge in the number of Coronavirus cases, the Kerala government has announced new rules for inter-state travelers. Now, all passengers are coming to Kerala from outside the state should undergo an RT-PCR test before or after arriving in the state.

If any traveler is unable to produce a negative RT-PCR test report he/she needs to undergo compulsory 14-day hotel quarantine till they get the RT-PCR test after arrival.

It is important to mention that Covid-19 (RT-PCR) test is mandatory for all visitors irrespective of their vaccination status.

According to the order issued by the Kerala Govt, all domestic travelers coming to Kerala should register on the COVID-19 Jagratha portal


“All travelers coming to Kerala shall get SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tested and shall stick to strict universal masking, hand hygiene, and physical distancing,” the government order issued on Sunday read.

Moreover, all international travelers entering Kerala should continue to follow the existing protocol for international travelers’ surveillance at the airports upon arrival from outside the country issued by the Indian government.

The state made RT-PCR mandatory for all international travelers since January. 

“All are advised to strictly observe physical distancing, wearing mask and hand hygiene and continue self-observation of any influenza-like symptoms and avail the health services immediately if symptomatic,” the government order read.


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