Kabul: Two Air India Aircrafts On Standby For Emergency Evacuations


Due to the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, the national carrier Air India has rescheduled its flight for Kabul from morning to afternoon and also puts two aircraft are on standby for emergency evacuation.

“Govt has told Air India to put two aircraft on standby for emergency evacuations from Kabul. Air India has prepared a set crew for emergency operations from Kabul to New Delhi,” said ANI in a tweet.

“Two aircraft with a proper set of the flight crew are on standby for Kabul evacuation. The govt is monitoring the situation very closely,” the government official said.


The Flight operations from around the world are affected at Kabul`s Hamid Karzai International (HKI) airport due to the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan.

Sources also indicated that the road to the Kabul airport was blocked since night due to the ongoing violence in the city. “The passengers, as well as the airline staff, are facing severe and challenging conditions to reach the airport,” sources said.

Communication with airline employees is also challenging, with mobile networks not operational in many parts of the cities.

Air India operates one flight per day to Kabul and the airline has advance booking for that. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and Air India are in touch and continuously monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.


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