Italy Aims to Reduce Schengen Visa Waiting Times for Indians

Ambassador de Luca underscored Italy's commitment to expedite the visa application process, as evidenced by a remarkable 38% surge in visa issuances to Indian nationals during the initial seven months of this year.

In a recent statement, Vincenzo de Luca, the Italian Ambassador to India, has highlighted efforts to expedite the processing of Schengen visa applications for Indian travellers.

The Ambassador emphasized that Italian authorities are actively working to diminish the waiting period and streamline the application process.

Rising Demand and Increased Issuance

Ambassador de Luca acknowledged the surge in Schengen visa applications, echoing the trend witnessed by other Schengen states.

Italy has registered a remarkable 38 per cent rise in visa issuances to Indian nationals during the first seven months of 2023, compared to the same period last year.


In an exclusive interview with Business Line, the Ambassador elaborated that the processing time for both business and tourist visas has been reduced to a swift 48 hours from the moment the application is received.

“We are grappling with an unprecedented volume of visa applications and are committed to expediting the entire process. The substantial increase in visa issuance underscores our dedication. Processing times for business and tourist visas have been streamlined to a mere 48 hours post-application submission,” Ambassador de Luca articulated.

Enhanced Work Permit Allocation

The Ambassador also shared that Italian authorities are diligently working to augment the allotment of work permits granted to Indian professionals.

While the specific number of permits was not disclosed, the authorities are meticulously assessing the labour needs across diverse sectors within the nation.


“Last year, we elevated the issuance of work permits for Indian professionals to 15,000. Anticipating an even more substantial figure this year, we are committed to bolstering opportunities for Indian talents,” Ambassador de Luca affirmed.

Rising Interest

The Ambassador observed a notable rise in the number of Indian students interested in pursuing education in Italy. He disclosed that approximately 5,000 student visas have been issued to Indian applicants this year, highlighting the growing appeal of Italian institutions among Indian learners.

Ambassador de Luca further unveiled ongoing negotiations between Italy and India for a comprehensive mobility agreement. The proposed agreement, anticipated to be finalized by year-end, aims to facilitate opportunities for Indian healthcare professionals and nurses to work in Italy.

“We are currently engaged in constructive discussions with India regarding a mobility agreement. We envisage this agreement to pave the way for Indian health professionals and nurses to contribute their expertise in Italy,” Ambassador de Luca concluded.


Schengen Visa Application Requirements

Indian citizens applying for Schengen visas to Italy are required to submit several key documents, including the completed Italian visa application form, two passport-sized photographs, and a valid passport.

Additionally, applicants must provide evidence of accommodation arrangements, a round-trip itinerary, proof of travel health insurance, and substantiation of sufficient financial means, among other prerequisites.

In pursuit of fostering smoother and more efficient travel experiences, Italy remains committed to optimizing the visa application process and enhancing collaboration with India on various fronts.

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