Israel Issues Travel Advisory Following Blast Near Embassy in Delhi

An explosion rocks New Delhi as a possible terror attack near the Israeli embassy sends shivers down spines. Though no harm was done, the Israeli National Security Council issues a travel advisory, urging its citizens to be extra cautious in India.

The Israeli National Security Council (NSC) has issued a travel advisory for its citizens in India, expressing concerns about a potential terror attack following an explosion near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The advisory warned Israeli nationals to avoid going to crowded places including malls and markets and places identified as serving Westerners/Jews and Israelis.

Incident Details

Fortunately, no casualties were reported in the blast, which occurred around 5:48 pm in a green belt area outside the Central Hindi Training Institute near the embassy. Delhi Police and the Israeli security team are currently investigating the incident.

Israeli embassy spokesperson Guy Nir confirmed the incident: “We can confirm that around 5:48 pm, there was a blast near the embassy. Delhi Police and the security team are still investigating the situation.”


NSC Recommendations

The Israeli NSC’s recommendations, particularly directed at New Delhi, advise Israeli nationals to exercise caution. Key points include:

  1. Avoiding Crowded Places: Israeli citizens are warned to steer clear of crowded areas such as malls and markets, as well as places frequented by Westerners, Jews, and Israelis.
  2. Heightened Alert in Public Spaces: A call for increased vigilance in public places, including restaurants, hotels, pubs, etc.
  3. Limiting Symbolic Displays: Recommendations include refraining from openly displaying Israeli symbols and avoiding attendance at unsecured large-scale events.
  4. Social Media Caution: Israeli nationals are urged to avoid publicizing itineraries, sharing photographs, and providing real-time details of their visits on social media platforms.

Official Statements

The Israeli Foreign Ministry released a press statement assuring that there were no casualties in the explosion. The ministry stated, “The incident is under investigation by the local authorities in full cooperation with the Israeli security forces.”

Security Response

Following the explosion, emergency response teams, including Delhi Police’s Special Cell, bomb disposal squad, fire department, and a National Investigation Agency (NIA) team, conducted an extensive search operation in the green belt area outside the Central Hindi Training Institute near the embassy.

A senior police officer in New Delhi confirmed that the NIA team examined the site during the almost three-hour-long search operation.


The situation is actively being monitored, with local authorities collaborating closely with Israeli security forces to investigate the incident thoroughly.

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