Indonesia Plans To Increase Visa On Arrival (VOA) Fee By 3x


Bali’s tourism has been almost non-existent for the past two years, since the COVID-19 outbreak occ. Now that the island is beginning to see a surge of international visitors, many local media outlets are reporting on plans to triple the visa on arrival (VOA) price.

According to an official memo from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the government is reportedly planning to hike the VOA price to IDR1.5 million (US$104.52)

Currently, international travellers need to pay IDR 500,000 (US$34.84) to obtain a VOA in Indonesia. As of now, as many as 43 nations are eligible for VOA in order to visit Bali, with a 30-day stay that can be extended for another 30 days.

Indonesia Visa Fees

Individuals wishing to visit Indonesia are currently required to pay the fee before being granted a visa. The fees for various visas are listed in the table below.

Indonesia VisaVisa Fee in $Visa Fee in
Single-entry Visit Visa503,400
Multiple-entry Visa1006,800
Limited Stay Visa6 months – 50
1 year – 90
2 years – 160
6 months – 3,400
1 year – 6,100
2 years – 10,900
Diplomatic/Service VisaNil (free)Nil
Visa on Arrival352,400

Tourism Stakeholders Objects VOA Fee Increase

The Indonesian Tourism Industry Association has raised objections to the government’s decision to raise the fee for international travellers using the visa on arrival programme.

IB Agung Partha Adnyana, the head of the Indonesian Tourist Industry Association, acknowledged that all tourism stakeholders in Bali have decided to oppose the plan to raise visa on arrival fees.

The Indonesian government plans to increase the price for each international traveller from USD $35 (IDR 500,000) to USD $105 (IDR 1.5 million).

“We and the other ten other tourism stakeholders objected to this proposal,” Adnyana said at a Nusa Dua meeting on Thursday regarding “Collaborative Action For Bali International Traffic Rebound 2022.”


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