IndiGo Unveils International Expansion Plans, Adding Six New Destinations

IndiGo, the leading airline in India, has unveiled its extensive international expansion plans, aiming to connect with six new destinations in Africa and Central Asia. With a growing network and increased flight frequencies, IndiGo is poised to become a major player in the global aviation industry.

India’s leading airline, IndiGo, has revealed its extensive international expansion strategy, announcing direct flights to six new destinations across Africa and Central Asia. The budget carrier aims to commence operations in Nairobi, Tbilisi, and Tashkent later this year, bolstering its international network to a total of 32 destinations, up from the current 26.

IndiGo’s ambitious plans position it as the second-largest Indian airline on international routes, closely trailing Air India. Air Vistara, with a focus on European nations, follows in line.

IndiGo New International Destinations

  • IndiGo is set to launch direct flights from Mumbai to Nairobi, Kenya, and Jakarta, Indonesia, in late July or early August.
  • In August, Delhi will be connected to Tbilisi, Georgia (3x weekly) and Baku, Azerbaijan (4x weekly), while in September, it will have direct flights to Tashkent, Uzbekistan (4x weekly), and Almaty, Kazakhstan (3x weekly).
  • IndiGo will resume its daily services between Delhi and Hong Kong starting in August 2023.

Expanding Global Reach

IndiGo’s latest announcement outlines a significant international expansion, emphasizing the airline’s commitment to connecting India with the world. The carrier plans to introduce direct flights from Mumbai to Nairobi, Kenya, and Jakarta, Indonesia, starting in late July or early August.

This expansion aligns with the growing demand for international travel from, to, and via India, as well as the government’s initiative to establish India as an international aviation hub.


Enhanced Connectivity

In addition to the Mumbai routes, IndiGo will soon launch flights from Delhi to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. IndiGo is set to connect Delhi with Tbilisi, Georgia, and Baku, Azerbaijan in August, followed by Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and Almaty, Kazakhstan in September.

Furthermore, the airline will reinstate its daily service between Delhi and Hong Kong, which was temporarily halted three years ago during the pandemic.

Expanding Networks and Partnerships

IndiGo is undertaking a major stride in its international expansion strategy, with plans to introduce an impressive 174 new weekly international flights between June and September 2023. These additional flights will encompass new destinations, routes, and increased frequencies.

The airline aims to strengthen its presence across four continents, marking its entry into Africa and Central Asia for the first time.


IndiGo CEO, Pieter Elbers, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, emphasizing the airline’s objective to directly connect with 32 international destinations, in addition to its existing 78 domestic destinations.

Strengthening Ties with Turkish Airlines

IndiGo is also forging stronger connections with Europe through codeshare partnerships, particularly with Turkish Airlines. Currently, IndiGo offers connectivity to 33 European destinations via Istanbul. With ongoing discussions and pending regulatory approvals, the codeshare agreement aims to extend connectivity to North America in the near future.

IndiGo’s Reach and Fleet

As India’s largest airline, IndiGo commands over 57% of the domestic market share. With a fleet of more than 300 planes and operating more than 1,800 daily flights, the carrier continues to solidify its position as a key player in the Indian aviation industry.

In conclusion, IndiGo’s extensive international expansion plans are set to transform its network, offering more options for travellers and strengthening India’s global connectivity.


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