IndiGo Ranks 31st in World’s Top 50 Airlines

IndiGo, the top airline in India, has climbed up the rankings, securing an impressive position in the 'Airlines Top 50 2023' list. It also features prominently in the esteemed 'Brand Finance India 100 2023' report, highlighting its value and growth.

IndiGo, India’s leading airline, has achieved a remarkable advancement in the ‘Airlines Top 50 2023’ ranking. Moving up from the 34th position, the carrier now holds an impressive 31st rank.

This noteworthy achievement solidifies IndiGo’s position as the only Indian airline brand to consistently feature in the esteemed ‘Airlines Top 50’ for three consecutive years.

IndiGo Shines in ‘Brand Finance India 100 2023’ Report

IndiGo continues to receive accolades and recognition in the renowned ‘Brand Finance India 100 2023’ report. The airline’s value and progress have been highlighted as it climbed to the 45th position from the 55th spot in the previous year’s report.

Pieter Elbers, CEO of IndiGo, Commends the Achievement

Expressing immense pride, Pieter Elbers, the Chief Executive Officer of IndiGo, acknowledges the airline’s recognition as India’s leading airline in the esteemed Brand Finance Report. This accomplishment is a testament to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of everyone involved in making IndiGo one of the most esteemed airlines worldwide.


Elbers also emphasizes the company’s commitment to reaching greater heights each year and delivering exceptional services that exceed customer expectations.

Brand Valuation Methodology

The brand valuation for IndiGo and other brands in the league tables is conducted by Brand Finance using the Royalty Relief approach. This methodology aligns with the industry standards.

It involves estimating the future revenues associated with the brand by calculating a royalty rate that would be charged for its use. The resulting ‘brand value’ represents the net economic benefit that a licensor would gain by licensing the brand in the open market.

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