VBM: IndiGo Open Bookings from Doha to India, Details Here


Leading low-cost airline IndiGo on Saturday started booking from Doha, Qatar to India under the Part-1 of Phase-4 of Vande Bharat Mission.

The embassy of India in Qatar shared the details and complete flight schedule of the IndiGo flight on its twitter account.


As per the details available, Indigo will operate flights from Doha, Qatar to Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kannur and Kozhikode between July 07 to July 23.

Indigo will operate 03 flights each from Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and 08 flights each from Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kannur, and Kozhikode.


Bookings for all the routes is open and those who want to travel can book seats on these flights directly online, with your EOID number.

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4

IndiGo Flight Schedule From Doha, Qatar

Flight Schedule From Doha to Lucknow
Flight No.FromDep DateDep TimeToArr DateArr Time
6E 8715Doha7-Jul-2009:50Lucknow07-Jul-2016:30
6E 8715Doha12-Jul-2009:50Lucknow12-Jul-2016:30
6E 8715Doha16-Jul-2009:50Lucknow16-Jul-2016:30
Flight Schedule From Doha to Mumbai
Flight No.FromDep DateDep TimeToArr DateArr Time
6E 8717Doha07-Jul-2021:25Mumbai08-Jul-2003:30
6E 8717Doha12-Jul-2021:25Mumbai13-Jul-2003:30
6E 8717Doha16-Jul-2021:25Mumbai17-Jul-2003:30

Flight Schedule From Doha to Hyderabad
Flight No.FromDep DateDep TimeToArr DateArr Time
6E 8721Doha11-Jul-2011:25Hyderabad11-Jul-2017:55
6E 8721Doha14-Jul-2011:25Hyderabad14-Jul-2017:55
6E 8721Doha17-Jul-2011:25Hyderabad17-Jul-2017:55

Flight Schedule From Doha to Chennai
Flight No.FromDep DateDep TimeToArr DateArr Time
6E 8713Doha15-Jul-2010:20Chennai15-Jul-2017:15
6E 8713Doha18-Jul-2010:20Chennai18-Jul-2017:15
6E 8713Doha21-Jul-2010:20Chennai21-Jul-2017:15
Flight Schedule From Doha to Bengaluru
Flight No.FromDep DateDep TimeToArr DateArr Time
6E 8722Doha11-Jul-2022:35Bengaluru12-Jul-2005:15
6E 8722Doha14-Jul-2022:35Bengaluru15-Jul-2005:15
6E 8722Doha17-Jul-2022:35Bengaluru18-Jul-2005:15
Flight Schedule From Doha to Trivandrum
Flight NoFromDep DateDep TimeToArr DateArr Time
6E 8702Doha8-Ju1-2010:15Trivandrum08-Jul-2017:15
6E 8702Doha10-Jul-2010:15Trivandrum10-Jul-2017:15
6E 8702Doha12-Jul-2010:15Trivandrum12-Jul-2017:15
6E 8702Doha14-Jul-2010:15Trivandrum14-Jul-2017:15
6E 8702Doha16-Jul-2010:15Trivandrum16-Jul-2017:15
6E 8702Doha18-Jul-2010:15Trivandrum18-Jul-2017:15
6E 8702Doha20-Jul-2010:15Trivandrum20-Jul-2017:15
6E 8702Doha22-Jul-2010:15Trivandrum22-Jul-2017:15
Flight Schedule From Doha to Kochi
Flight NoFromDep DateDap TimeToArr. DateArr. Time
GE 8706Doha08-Jul-2022:10Kochi09-Jul-2005:05
GE 8706Doha10-Jul-2022:10KochiII-Jul-2005:05
6E 8706Doha12-Jul-2022:10Kochi13-Jul-2005:05
GE 8706Doha14-Jul-2022:10KochiI5-Jul-2005:05
GE 8706Doha16-Jul-2022:10Kochi17-Jul-2005:05
GE 8706Doha18-Jul-2022:10Kochi19-Jul-2005:05
GE 8706Doha20-Jul-2022:10Kochi21-Jul-2005:05
GE 8706Doha22-Jul-2022:10Kochi23-Jul-2005:05
GE 8704Doha24-Jul-2016:20Kochi24-Jul-2023:15
6E 8704Doha26-Jul-2016:20Kochi26-Jul-2023:15
GE 8704Doha28-Jul-2016:20Kochi28-Jul-2023:15
6E 8704Doha30-Jul-2016:20Kochi30-Jul-2023:15
Flight Schedule From Doha to Kannur
Flight No.FromDep DateDep TimeToArr. DateArr. Time
GE 8711Doha09-Jul-2021:25Kannur10-Jul-2004:05
GE 8711Doha11-Jul-2021:25Kannur12-Jul-2004:05
GE 8711Doha13-Jul-2021:25Kannur14-Jul-2004:05
GE 8711Doha15-Jul-2021:25Kannur16-Jul-2004:05
GE 8711Doha17-Jul-2021:25Kannur18-Jul-2004:05
GE 8711Doha19-Jul-2021:25Kannur20-Jul-2004:05
GE 8711Doha21-Jul-2021:25Kannur22-Jul-2004:05
GE 8711Doha23-Jul-2021:25Kannur24-Jul-2004:05
Flight Schedule From Doha to Kozhikode
Flight NoFromDep. DateDep. TimeToArr. DateArr. Time
GE 8708Doha09-Jul-2010:05Kozhikode09-Jul-2016:45
GE 8708Doha11-Jul-2(110:05Kozhikode11-Jul-2016:45
GE 8708Doha13-Jul-2010:05Kozhikode13-Jul-2016:45
GE 8708Doha15-Jul-2010:05Kozhikode15-Jul-2016:45
GE 8708Doha17-Jul-2010:05Kozhikode17-Jul-2016:45
GE 8708Doha19-Jul-2010:05Kozhikode19-Jul-2016:45
GE 8708Doha21-Jul-2010:05Kozhikode21-Jul-2016:45
GE 8708Doha23-Jul-2010:05Kozhikode23-Jul-2016:45

Here is How To Book IndiGo Repatriation Flight

As per the Indigo website, Registration with the Embassy of India is mandatory for those seeking repatriation flights to India.

For repatriation flights from Doha, registration with the Embassy of India is mandatory. Click here to register

The embassy also said, “Please also note that you are not permitted to take domestic connecting flights in conjunction with these #VBM flights unless you complete the mandatory quarantine period at the first point of arrival in India. You may end up having to cancel them and losing money if you do so.”


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