IndiGo Starts Direct Flights Between Hyderabad and Ras Al Khaimah On June 15

IndiGo introduces new direct international connectivity between Hyderabad and Ras Al Khaimah. With convenient flight schedules and a focus on enhancing travel options, IndiGo aims to provide seamless mobility for tourists and business travelers, bolstering accessibility and offering an unparalleled travel experience.

IndiGo, India’s leading low-cost airline, has recently announced the addition of new direct international flights between Hyderabad and Ras Al Khaimah, effective from June 15, 2023.

This strategic expansion in their summer schedule aims to enhance travel options and facilitate seamless mobility for both tourists and business travellers.

Flight Schedule

The flight schedule for the new direct international connectivity between Hyderabad and Ras Al Khaimah offered by IndiGo is as follows: Flight 6E 1495 operates daily from Hyderabad to Ras Al Khaimah, with a departure time of 22:30 and an arrival time of 1:05, starting from June 15, 2023.

Conversely, Flight 6E 1496 operates daily from Ras Al Khaimah to Hyderabad, with a departure time of 2:05 and an arrival time of 7:20, beginning from June 16, 2023.

Flight No.OriginDestinationFrequencyEffectiveDepartureArrival
6E 1495HyderabadRas Al KhaimahDailyJun 15, 202322:301:05
6E 1496Ras Al KhaimahHyderabadDailyJun 16, 20232:057:20

IndiGo’s Commitment to Meeting Travel Demands

Mr. Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales at IndiGo, highlighted the surge in domestic and international travel within the country and emphasized IndiGo’s commitment to meeting this growing demand.

By introducing new routes and increasing flight frequencies, IndiGo aims to cater to the needs of travellers seeking direct connections. With the introduction of the Hyderabad-Ras Al Khaimah flights, IndiGo now operates 14 flights per week from two cities in India.

This initiative further strengthens IndiGo’s focus on improving domestic connectivity and serving as a gateway for tourists and business travellers to explore various states in India. IndiGo remains dedicated to offering an unrivalled travel experience that is punctual, affordable, courteous, and hassle-free.

Ras Al Khaimah: A Captivating Destination

Ras Al-Khaimah is the 4th city in the emirates, the 11th destination in the Middle East, and the 26th international and 100th overall location in the 6E network. Tourists can experience nature as well as authentic offerings along with beaches and Hazar mountains. Some of the tourist destinations at Ras Al-Khaimah include Sunset at Jebel Jais, Zipline Down Jebel Jais’ slope, Dhayah Fort, National Museum, and Khatt Springs amongst others.


RAK is a popular destination for leisure travellers, destination weddings and incentives targeting the MICE segment.

While, Hyderabad is a great destination for tourists as it has a variety of popular tourist attractions like Charminar, Golconda Fort, Salar Jung Museum, and many more. It is also well known for its first-rate medical services.

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