IndiGo Become First Airline To Use Three Point Disembarkation Process


IndiGo on Thursday introduced a brand-new revolutionary Three Point Disembarkation procedure that will allow its passengers to leave the aircraft more quickly than ever. This new disembarkation procedure will be implemented for IndiGo’s A320 and A321 fleet.

The three-point disembarkation will be carried out from two forward and one rear exit ramp, making IndiGo the first airline in the world to employ this procedure.

Disembarkation is the process of occupants leaving an aircraft and it is considered a time-critical airport ground handling process.

The introduction of the new three-point process by IndiGo, in a global first, will further accentuate customer convenience. Moreover, it will also smoothen up the work of the ground staff at the airport.


Disembarkation Process

In an aircraft, the procedure of disembarking is typically sequential. When the pilot has successfully landed the aircraft, the cabin crew announces this procedure. The passengers’ exit from the aircraft takes some time.

However, with IndiGo’s three-point disembarkation procedure, it will be quicker for passengers to exit the aircraft, which will save approx. 5-7 minutes of time for both them and the cabin crew. In the near future, additional airlines may follow this procedure.

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