India’s Domestic Air Passenger Traffic Surge 25% in July: DGCA

India's domestic air passenger traffic witnessed a significant 25% year-on-year increase in July, according to data from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Market leaders IndiGo and Air India maintained their positions, while emerging carriers like Vistara and Akasa Air made notable strides.

The latest data released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) reveals a substantial increase of 25% in India’s domestic air passenger traffic volume for the month of July.

As per the data, a total of 1.21 crore passengers were flown during this period, compared to 97.05 lakh passengers in July 2022.

IndiGo Dominates Market Share

Leading the market share during the reporting month, no-frills carrier IndiGo carried an impressive 76.75 lakh passengers, securing a dominant share of 63.4%. This accomplishment further solidifies IndiGo’s position as a frontrunner in the Indian aviation industry.

Air India Trails Behind

The Tata Group-owned Air India emerged as the second-highest carrier in terms of passenger volume, with a total of 11.98 lakh passengers flown in July.


Despite its standing, Air India held a market share of 9.9% for the month, indicating a considerable gap between the top two competitors.

Vistara’s Performance and Market Share

Vistara, a prominent joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, contributed significantly to the aviation landscape by transporting 10.20 lakh passengers on domestic routes during the previous month.

Holding a market share of 8.4%, Vistara’s performance adds a noteworthy dimension to the competitive field.

AirAsia India’s Transformation

Air India’s subsidiary, AirAsia India, which has undergone a transformation and is now recognized as AIX Connect, witnessed a passenger volume of 9.01 lakh on intra-country routes.


This translated to a 7.5% share of the total traffic for the reporting month, indicating a successful transition and adaptation to changing market dynamics.

Akasa Air’s Remarkable Milestone

Celebrating its one-year anniversary on the 7th of this month, Akasa Air continued to soar, outperforming established carrier SpiceJet.

In July, Akasa Air transported an impressive 6.24 lakh passengers, garnering a market share of 5.2%, showcasing its growing influence within the industry.

SpiceJet’s Struggles and Load Factor

Despite its historical prominence, SpiceJet faced challenges in July, transporting 5.04 lakh passengers and holding a market share of 4.2%.


However, the Gurugram-based airline managed to deliver the highest load factor at 88.9% for the month, signalling operational efficiency despite market pressures.

On-Time Performance and Efficiency

IndiGo once again exhibited its operational excellence, achieving the highest on-time performance for July.

With an average of 86.8% of flights departing or arriving on time at key airports such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, IndiGo’s commitment to punctuality remains a noteworthy aspect of its service.

Final Words

The recent DGCA data showcases a dynamic landscape in India’s domestic aviation sector, with carriers vying for market share and operational excellence amid evolving challenges. As the industry continues to adapt, these figures provide valuable insights into the competitive and evolving nature of air travel within the nation.


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