Indian Travellers Must Carry Hard Copies of Visas On Departure


Are you taking an eVisa, eTA, or ENTRI from India to another country? If you answered yes, you must now carry a hard copy of your visa with you when you depart from the country.

According to a notification published by the Ministry of Home Affairs, international visitors from India must carry a hard copy of their visas, which will be scanned at all ICPs.

This new rule is applicable for all who have eVisa, eTA, or ENTRI Visa; Those travelling with a sticker visa, on the other hand, are not needed to carry a hard copy of the same.

Foreign Visa copies of all the Indian nationals departing from India should be scanned in the immigration counters at all the ICPs Hence, carrying hard copies of foreign visas by Indian passport holders has been made mandatory by the Govt of India.


As a result, it is recommended that all Indian travellers with foreign visas be informed of the aforementioned requirements, particularly those travellers carrying a soft copy of their visas on mobile phones.

Henceforth, all Indian Passengers (excluding the sticker visas which are pasted in the Passport) departing from all International Airport should compulsorily carry a hardcopy of the visa and the same may be produced to the Immigration officers at the airport.

The Bureau of Immigration, MHA, Govt of India also issued an order to all international airports regarding the same and ask them to bring the subject to all airlines that fall under their jurisdiction for compliance and accordingly guide the Passengers.

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