Indian Nationals in Israel Urged to Register as Embassy Issues Helpline Numbers

As the Israel-Hamas conflict intensifies in Gaza, humanitarian groups are pleading for aid corridors. Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv urges Indian nationals in Israel to register for assistance, and an emergency helpline is established for Indian expats in Palestine.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas entered its fifth day, bringing widespread destruction and a growing humanitarian crisis to the Gaza Strip.

As authorities in Gaza issue dire warnings about their ability to reach affected areas and the imminent depletion of electricity supplies, humanitarian organizations are urgently appealing for the establishment of aid corridors to facilitate much-needed relief efforts.


Devastation Strikes Gaza as Conflict Intensifies

The conflict, which erupted between Israel and the militant group Hamas, continues to escalate, with Israeli warplanes relentlessly targeting neighbourhoods across Gaza.

The relentless bombardment has left a trail of destruction, reducing buildings to rubble and forcing residents to flee in search of safety.


Indian Embassy Urges Registration for Nationals in Israel

Amid the escalating violence, the Embassy of India in Tel Aviv has issued a statement advising all Indian nationals residing in Israel to register with the embassy.

This crucial registration is aimed at expediting emergency measures and assistance in the event of a crisis. Additionally, it will serve as a source of information regarding various events through the embassy’s communication network.

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Emergency Helpline Established in Palestine

Furthermore, the Representative Office of India to the State of Palestine, located in Ramallah, has established an emergency helpline for the Indian diaspora. In response to the prevailing security situation, Indian nationals in Palestine can directly contact the Representative Office of India for immediate assistance. The 24-hour Emergency Helpline is available at the following contact numbers:

  • Jawwal: 0592-916-418
  • WhatsApp: +970-592916418

The office is situated on Mahatma Gandhi Street, Beitunia, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine, and can be reached at Tel: 00970-2-2903033/4/6, Fax: 00970-2-2903035, or via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

The international community is closely monitoring the situation in the region as efforts to secure humanitarian aid and provide support to those affected by the conflict intensify.

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