Indian Embassy Issues Advisory for Work Visa Holders in Kuwait

The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has issued a vital advisory for Indian workers seeking employment as "Restaurant Drivers/Delivery Riders." This comes in response to concerns about misleading job titles, restricted visas, commission-based salaries, and harsh working conditions.

The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has issued an advisory for Indian workers coming to Kuwait on work visas specifically as “Restaurant Drivers/Delivery Riders.”

This comes in response to a growing number of workers being recruited for these roles under false pretences and facing unfavourable working conditions upon arrival.

Key Points of the Advisory

Misleading Job Titles: Be wary of employers using terms like “Consumer Orders,” “Consumer Goods,” or “Delivery of Orders” in their titles. These often indicate food delivery platforms like Talabat or Deliveroo, which primarily utilize motorcycles for deliveries, even during peak summer heat.

Restricted Visas: Delivery drivers are typically granted Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME) visas, binding them to the same employer for three years. This restricts job transfers or movement to other employers during this period.


Commission-based Salaries: Salaries are often based on delivery targets and distances, not a fixed monthly income as some agents might promise.

Review Contracts Carefully: Ensure your contract covers basic worker rights like minimum working hours, overtime pay, holidays, health and safety, and disability compensation.

Harsh Weather Conditions: Be aware of Kuwait’s harsh weather, including extreme heat and dust storms, especially during certain months.

Medical/Accident Insurance: Insist on employer-provided medical and accident insurance for your well-being.


Embassy-Attested Contracts: Opt for Embassy-attested employment contracts with minimum wage guarantees (KD 120 for delivery drivers) to safeguard your interests. This unlocks benefits like employer-paid insurance coverage in Kuwait and additional Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana (PBBY) insurance upon obtaining emigration clearance.

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For Existing Delivery Riders/Drivers

  • Grievance Redressal: Register formal complaints with the Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) for any labour disputes. Alternatively, contact the Indian Embassy’s Labour Helpdesk physically or via Whatsapp.
  • Legal Channels: PAM (Shoun) Office and Labour Courts are available to address civil labour issues.
  • Criminal Cases: Theft or breach of trust complaints by employers can lead to serious criminal consequences, including travel bans until resolved in the Labour Court.
Advisory for Work Visa Holders in Kuwait

The Embassy urges all prospective restaurant drivers/delivery riders to be cautious, do their due diligence, and understand their employment contracts before accepting any offers.

This advisory aims to protect Indian workers from exploitation and ensure they are aware of their rights and working conditions in Kuwait. By following these guidelines, workers can make informed decisions and navigate their employment with greater confidence.


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