Indian Embassy in Malaysia Announces Changes to Appointment Booking Process

The Indian Embassy in Malaysia has implemented a streamlined online appointment system to enhance accessibility for applicants seeking passport, emergency certificate (EC), and other consular services at the BLS International Services Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

In a bid to streamline and enhance the passport, emergency certificate (EC), and other consular services offered at the BLS Centre in Kuala Lumpur, the Indian Embassy in Malaysia has introduced a new modified online appointment system.

This initiative aims to provide greater convenience and efficiency to applicants seeking these essential services.

What’s New?


Extended Appointment Slots

Under the newly implemented system, an additional day will be added on a rolling basis for booking appointments. This adjustment ensures that applicants have increased opportunities to secure appointments for their passport, EC, and consular service needs.

Booking Process

Every working day at 1800 hrs (MYT), new appointment slots for the 30th day (or the next working day, in case of holidays) will be made available for online booking. This strategic scheduling enables applicants to plan and secure appointments well in advance, minimizing wait times and ensuring the timely processing of their requests.


How to Book

Applicants can conveniently book their appointments online through the dedicated booking portal. The link for accessing the booking system remains unchanged and can be found on the official website of BLS International Malaysia.

Additional Tips

This update aims to address the challenges faced by applicants in securing appointments and streamline the process for obtaining passport and consular services.

  • Be prepared: Gather the required documents and fees before booking your appointment.
  • Book early: Appointments are likely to fill up quickly, so book as soon as you have your documents ready.
  • Double-check your information:¬†Ensure you enter the correct details when booking your appointment.


With the implementation of this modified online appointment system, the Indian Embassy in Malaysia aims to provide a more seamless and accessible experience for individuals seeking passport, EC, and consular services.

This initiative underscores the commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction, ensuring that applicants can easily navigate the process of securing essential documents and services.


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