Indian airports to get AI-powered baggage screening


Airports Authority of India (AAI) has given the green signal to implement a smart AI-powered baggage screening system at the top 9 airports in India. Pune airport among eight selected will be carrying out trials of a smart baggage screening system, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Under the Startup India initiative, AAI conducted an ‘Innovate for Airports Programme’ challenge, wherein several interesting ideas for implementing more security at airports were selected.

Out of 350 startup ideas, 8 were selected for implementation at the airports.
Smart baggage screening is one of them.

Called Baggage AI, this technology will be implemented at x-ray screening machines, and will automatically detect dangerous objects kept in the baggage.
This will complement the existing system, wherein a security guard manually screens the baggage via x-ray machines.


The baggage screening system ‘Baggage AI,’ which is developed by Mumbai-based Dimensionless Technologies, is designed for security X-ray machines that detect dangerous objects and other threats scanned from an X-ray system during the screening of baggage.

In the case of any threats or dangerous objects, the system will automatically alert the security personnel at the airport. This, in a way, will also lower the passenger’s check-in time and streamline security check-in procedure.

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