India Tops in Number of German Work Visas Issued in 2022

In 2022, India emerged as a frontrunner in obtaining German work visas, securing over 17,000 of the 152,336 granted to foreign nationals. This article delves into the details of this trend, explores the rising demand for IT professionals, and provides information on study and spouse reunification visas.

India topped the list of countries that received the most German work visas in 2022, with a total of 17,379 visas issued, according to the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. This is a significant increase from the 12,542 visas issued to Indians in 2021.

High Demand for IT Professionals

Last year, a total of 17,379 work visas were granted to Indian nationals, signifying a substantial increase compared to the preceding year. Of these, a staggering 8,613 were issued by the German Consulate General in Bengaluru, illustrating the city’s pivotal role in facilitating Indian talent’s entry into Germany’s workforce.

The German Consulate General in Mumbai closely followed, issuing 3,013 work visas, with Chennai (2,483), New Delhi (2,434), and Kolkata (836) also contributing significantly to the count.

Turkey and Serbia Follow Closely

Following India’s lead, Turkey secured 12,542 work visas, while Serbia closely trailed with a total of 11,792 German work visas in 2022. Other countries that received a significant number of German work visas in 2022 include:

  • Turkey: 12,542 visas
  • Serbia: 11,792 visas
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 6,985 visas
  • Kosovo: 5,952 visas
  • Russia: 5,859 visas

Study and Spouse Reunification Visas on the Rise

Germany’s visa landscape extended beyond work visas, with study and spouse reunification visas also seeing substantial numbers. In 2022, Germany issued 71,018 national study visas and 71,129 national visas for spouse reunification.

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Booming Indian Student Population in Germany

India’s footprint in Germany’s academic landscape also expanded, with the German Embassy in India processing approximately 25,000 student visa applications for the upcoming two semesters as of April 2023.

A March 2023 report by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) project, “Wissenschaft Weltoffen,” revealed that Germany hosted a total of 33,753 Indian students, constituting a noteworthy 9.7 per cent of the international student cohort for 2021-22.


Addressing Germany’s Labor Crisis

Germany’s need for qualified workers became increasingly apparent in 2022, with more than 43 per cent of nearly 9,000 surveyed companies reporting a shortage of skilled labour in July. This figure was up from just over 42 per cent in April of the same year.

During his visit to India earlier this year, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized his government’s commitment to streamlining the visa application process for Indian IT experts, highlighting the importance of Indian talent in alleviating Germany’s labour crunch.

In a broader context, 2022 saw Germany issue a total of 393,083 national visas, with work visas leading the way, followed by study and spouse reunification visas.

This trend underscores the strong ties between India and Germany, not only in the realm of trade and technology but also in the exchange of students and skilled professionals, contributing to the ongoing development and collaboration between the two nations.


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