India Issues Advisory to Citizens in Canada Amid Anti-India Concerns

India has released a cautionary advisory for its citizens in Canada, urging vigilance and registration amidst escalating anti-India activities and hate crimes. This follows Canada's recent travel advisory for India and increasing diplomatic strains between the two nations.

In response to the escalating anti-India activities and politically-condoned hate crimes in Canada, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has issued an advisory for Indian nationals and Indian students residing in or contemplating travel to Canada.

This advisory follows Canada’s recent travel advisory for India and a growing diplomatic rift between the two nations.

Advisory for Indian Nationals and Students in Canada

In the advisory, the Indian government urges all Indian nationals in Canada and those planning to visit to exercise utmost caution due to the deteriorating security environment. The advisory particularly highlights the following points:

1. Targeted Threats and Hate Crimes

Indian nationals in Canada have been cautioned about growing threats, particularly aimed at Indian diplomats and sections of the Indian community that oppose anti-India agendas. Politically condoned hate crimes and criminal violence have raised concerns about the safety of Indian citizens.


2. Avoiding Risky Regions and Venues

Indian nationals are strongly advised to avoid travelling to regions and potential venues in Canada where incidents of anti-India activities and hate crimes have been reported. The advisory emphasizes the need to prioritize safety.

3. High Commission and Consulates’ Support

The High Commission of India in Ottawa and the Consulates General of India in Toronto and Vancouver will maintain contact with Canadian authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of the Indian community in Canada.

4. Caution for Indian Students

Indian students studying in Canada are particularly advised to exercise extreme caution and remain vigilant in light of the deteriorating security environment and the targeted threats.

5. Mandatory Registration

Indian nationals and students from India residing in Canada are strongly encouraged to register with the High Commission of India in Ottawa or the Consulates General of India in Toronto and Vancouver through their respective websites or the MADAD portal.


Registration on the MADAD portal will enable Indian authorities to establish a better connection with their citizens in Canada during emergencies or untoward incidents.


This advisory from the Indian government comes as diplomatic tensions between Canada and India continue to mount. It is a response to the recent travel advisory issued by Canada, which warned its citizens about terrorist threats in India.

Both advisories underscore the importance of staying informed, vigilant, and registered with the respective diplomatic missions.

The Indian government has reiterated its commitment to the safety and security of its citizens abroad and will closely monitor the situation in Canada to ensure the well-being of the Indian diaspora. As the situation evolves, further developments between the two nations will be closely watched.


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