H-1B Spouses & Kids Can Now Work: US Immigration Deal Brings Relief to Families

Explore the bipartisan deal providing relief to H-1B visa holders, offering automatic work authorization for H-4 visa holders and addressing the Green Card backlog. Delve into the details of this significant agreement reshaping U.S. immigration policy.

In a significant development, a bipartisan deal backed by the White House has been unveiled, offering much-needed relief to H-1B visa holders and their families.

This landmark agreement, known as the National Security Agreement, addresses various immigration challenges faced by these individuals, providing solutions that have long been awaited.

Automatic Work Authorization for H-4 Visa Holders

One of the pivotal aspects of this agreement is the provision of automatic work authorization for approximately 100,000 H-4 visa holders, who are spouses and children of certain categories of H-1B visa holders.

This move brings relief to many families who have been enduring the burden of visa restrictions, allowing spouses to contribute to the workforce and ensuring stability for their children.


Protection for Aged-Out Children

Additionally, the agreement addresses the concerns of around 250,000 aged-out children of H-1B visa holders, offering them protection and a pathway forward. This provision aims to mitigate the uncertainty faced by these individuals and their families, safeguarding their status in the United States.

Green Card Wait Times and Per-Country Caps

The initiative also aims to alleviate the prolonged wait times for Green Cards, particularly affecting Indian technology professionals and their families.

With the existing per-country caps on Green Card issuance, the wait for permanent residency has been arduous. This agreement seeks to streamline the process, providing relief to those impacted by the backlog.

President Biden’s Perspective

U.S. President Joe Biden emphasized the necessity of reforming the immigration system, highlighting the importance of fairness, security, and adherence to national values. This agreement reflects a concerted effort to address longstanding issues within the immigration framework, promoting inclusivity and efficiency.


Expanded Opportunities and Pathways

Furthermore, the agreement expands opportunities for employment-based immigration, providing an additional 18,000 green cards annually over the next five years. This initiative not only benefits skilled workers but also supports U.S. businesses in accessing talent from diverse backgrounds.

Support for Asylum Seekers and Family Reunification

In a move towards humanitarian considerations, the agreement offers expedited work authorization to asylum seekers and prioritizes family reunification. By reducing waiting periods and providing legal pathways, it aims to foster stability and support for those seeking refuge in the United States.

Geopolitical Implications

Beyond immigration reforms, the agreement allocates resources to address geopolitical challenges, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. With a focus on countering threats from assertive actors like China, it underscores the importance of strategic partnerships and maintaining regional stability.

Urgent Call to Action

The White House has urged swift congressional approval of the bill, emphasizing its significance in addressing pressing immigration issues and geopolitical concerns. The proposed measures aim to uphold principles of fairness, security, and opportunity while advancing U.S. interests on the global stage.


In summary, this bipartisan agreement represents a significant step forward in U.S. immigration policy, offering relief to H-1B visa holders and their families, streamlining pathways to permanent residency, and addressing geopolitical challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

(With Inputs from PTI News)

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