Goodbye Passports! Frankfurt Airport Embraces Face Biometrics for Seamless Travel

Frankfurt Airport has taken the lead in Europe by implementing a fully contactless travel experience for all passengers, utilizing face biometrics for identification from check-in to boarding. This groundbreaking initiative, powered by SITA's Smart Path biometric technology.

Frankfurt Airport has set a new benchmark in air travel by launching a revolutionary contactless experience for all travellers. This cutting-edge system, which utilizes facial recognition technology for seamless identification, spans from initial check-in to the moment passengers board their aircraft.

In partnership with SITA, a global leader in air transport communications and information technology, Fraport has made this innovation available to all airlines operating at Frankfurt Airport.


How it Works!

Passengers now have the option to preregister through the Star Alliance biometric app on their smartphones or complete the process in person at designated checkpoints, using their biometric-enabled passports in conjunction with SITA’s Smart Path biometric technology. Once registered, travellers can effortlessly pass through facial recognition checkpoints without the need for physical documents.

Dr Pierre Dominique Prümm, Executive Director of Aviation and Infrastructure at Fraport AG, expressed his excitement, saying;


“We are the first European airport to offer all passengers a contactless and convenient passenger journey using biometrics. Our goal for the coming months is to equip at least 50 per cent of all check-in kiosks, pre-security, and boarding gates with the new and pioneering technology.”

Streamlined Airport Procedures for Passengers

According to David Lavorel, CEO of SITA, this breakthrough technology promises to streamline the entire airport experience, allowing passengers to spend more time relaxing and less time in queues.

Lavorel added, “We know from our research that where biometrics are introduced, more than 75 per cent of passengers will gladly use them. Therefore, we are pleased to bring the benefits of a faster airport journey to Frankfurt Airport.”

As per the statement, over 12,000 passengers have already adopted this technology at check-in, boarding pass control, and boarding gates, attesting to its popularity and effectiveness.


Innovative Security Measures

In September 2023, Fraport unveiled the world’s first walk-through scanner for passengers, designed to enhance security checks while maintaining high-security standards. This technology will undergo a six-month testing phase to collect insights for potential system improvements.

Fraport Continues to Grow

Fraport, one of the busiest airports in Europe, experienced significant growth in September 2023. Approximately 5.8 million passengers travelled through Frankfurt Airport, marking an 18.2 per cent increase compared to the same month in 2022.

Expansive Winter Flight Offerings

As winter approaches, Frankfurt Airport continues to expand its flight offerings, with 242 destinations in 94 countries served by 82 different airlines. This season, approximately 690,000 seats per week will be available to travellers, representing a 17 per cent increase compared to the previous winter.

Frankfurt Airport’s pioneering contactless travel experience using biometrics is set to transform the passenger journey, making air travel faster, more convenient, and, importantly, safer. With these innovations, Frankfurt Airport is solidifying its position as a leader in the aviation industry, enhancing the travel experience for millions of passengers.


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