Go First Seeks Immediate Revival, Extends Flight Cancellations

Go First, the renowned low-cost airline previously known as GoAir, has disclosed the cancellation of all scheduled flights until July 27, 2023, citing ongoing operational challenges. The company has also taken proactive steps to revive operations while facing engine troubles and navigating the complexities of voluntary bankruptcy filing.

In a recent update, Go First, the low-cost airline formerly known as GoAir has revealed the cancellation of all flights scheduled until July 27, 2023, citing operational reasons.

The announcement was made via the company’s official Twitter handle, where it also mentioned the initiation of an application for immediate resolution and revival of operations.

Apologies for the Inconvenience

Go First expressed regret for the inconvenience caused by the flight cancellations and assured passengers that the airline is working diligently to resolve the operational challenges. It is determined to resume bookings soon and extend its gratitude to customers for their understanding and patience during this difficult period.


Troubles for the Airline

The airline’s decision to cancel flights follows a series of difficulties it has faced, primarily revolving around engine troubles. Due to these issues, a significant number of Go First aircraft had to be grounded, causing disruptions in their operations.

Voluntary Bankruptcy Filing

On May 2, Go First filed for voluntary bankruptcy before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). The company alleged that a US-based engine manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney, had been responsible for delays in meeting obligations, which eventually led to the grounding of a portion of the airline’s fleet.

Steps Taken by NCLT

In response to the bankruptcy filing, the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) imposed a moratorium and appointed an Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) on May 10. Later, on June 9, the Committee of Creditors (CoC) appointed Shailendra Ajmera as the Resolution Professional (RP) for Go First, a move that was subsequently approved by NCLT.

Impact on the Airline and Industry

Go First, with approximately 4,200 employees, reported a total revenue of ₹4,183 crore in the financial year 2021-22. The grounding of its flights has had repercussions on airfares, particularly on specific routes where the airline had a significant presence.


As the situation unfolds, passengers and industry stakeholders alike await further updates and developments regarding Go First’s efforts to overcome its challenges and resume full operations.

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