Germany Visa: VFS Global Issues Update Regarding Change In the Appeals Process


VFS Global, a visa and passport processing firm that works on behalf of governments and embassies, has issued an update about the change in the process for appeals/remonstration requests for visa applicants in India.

Change In Process for Appeals/Remonstrations

According to a VFS update, customers will no longer be able to submit appeals/remonstration requests against refusals at VFS application centres beginning Monday, December 5, 2022.

Customers who wish to file an appeal/remonstration against a Schengen visa refusal or a National visa refusal (in Mumbai) will need to follow the below-mentioned process;

If your application is denied, you or an authorized person may file an appeal and request that your visa application is re-examined (remonstration). This request can be sent as a scanned document via e-mail ([email protected]) or as a letter addressed to the visa section.


It must be noted here that the new examination is only possible within one month of receiving the refusal letter.

The appeals/remonstration needs to contain at least:

  • Surname, name, date and place of birth, passport number.
  • Date of the refusal.
  • The number of the application (you find it on the receipt of your application or on the refusal notice).
  • Address and contact details.
  • Your own personal signature.
  • In case of an appeal by a third person: your authorization letter, personally signed by you
    and signature of the authorized person.

VFS advised applicants to include in their applications the purpose of their trip to Germany as well as the reasons why this stay is important to them.

Also Please explain in detail why you believe the refusal is unfounded. You can add additional documents that you have not yet submitted if necessary.


The Consulate General’s official language is German. Appeals for Schengen visas can also be accepted if they are submitted in English. Documents submitted with your appeal can only be processed if they are written in German or English.

If you are appealing the refusal of a national visa, your remonstration must be in German, as the competent authorities in Germany will be involved.

Appeals/Remonstrations Processing Time

The processing time for remonstration is completely dependent on your case, and it can take up to three months. It should be noted that status inquiries will not be entertained by the German Embassy or VFS Global.

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