Germany Eases Entry for Jobseekers from Non-EU Countries

Germany has revamped its labor laws to make it more accessible for skilled workers and jobseekers from non-European Union (EU) countries. The phased implementation of the Skilled Migration Act, beginning in November, introduces new pathways for entry.

In a significant move to address its ongoing labour shortage, Germany has recently implemented measures to make it more accessible for skilled workers and professionals from non-European Union (EU) countries to live and work within its borders.

The changes, implemented in stages since November 2023, mark a significant shift towards a more inclusive immigration policy and address the country’s growing labour shortage, particularly in vital sectors like IT and healthcare.

Easing Labor Laws to Welcome Global Talent

The German government, recognizing the need for skilled professionals, has amended its labour laws to simplify the requirements for foreign workers seeking employment in the largest economy in Europe. This initiative aims to attract talent from non-EU states and bridge the current labour gap.

Skilled Migration Act Unveils New Opportunities

The German Embassy in Manila announced that the phased implementation of the Skilled Migration Act commenced in November. This Act introduces new channels for the entry of skilled workers from non-EU nations, including the Philippines.


German Ambassador Andreas Pfaffernoschke expressed optimism, stating, “We will foster cooperation on the migration of skilled workers to Germany in technical professions.”

Broadening Opportunities for Global Talent

The recently passed legislation, effective since March 2020, broadens opportunities for individuals seeking entry into Germany and the European Union. It particularly emphasizes the recognition of foreign professional qualifications, signalling a shift towards inclusive immigration policies.

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EU Blue Card Enhancements

The EU Blue Card, designed to facilitate immigration for those with higher education qualifications, has undergone notable enhancements. The eligibility criteria have been expanded, and the list of qualified professions has been extended. Additionally, the process for family reunification has been streamlined.


Streamlining Entry for IT Specialists

A noteworthy provision of the new law is that IT specialists can now secure the EU Blue Card based on professional experience alone, without the necessity of a formal qualification. Skilled workers with professional or academic training are entitled to a residence permit, provided they meet all requirements.

Streamlined Employment Process and Recognition

The employment process for drivers has been streamlined, and individuals with professional qualifications or higher education can now engage in any qualified employment within the non-regulated sector.

The connection between training and employment is no longer mandatory, according to the embassy. However, the recognition process remains obligatory for individuals aspiring to practice regulated professions in Germany, such as nurses, doctors, and lawyers.

The embassy emphasizes that even in non-regulated professions, recognition brings numerous advantages for long-term professional integration and a promising future in Germany.


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Provisions for EU Blue Card Visa

Recognizing the crucial role of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and medical professionals, the reforms introduce new provisions for the EU Blue Card visa specifically targeted at these fields. This targeted approach ensures Germany attracts the expertise it needs to drive innovation and strengthen its healthcare system.


In summary, these recent policy changes underscore Germany’s commitment to inclusive immigration, welcoming skilled workers from around the globe and fostering stronger ties between the country and the international workforce.

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