France Introduces Deposit Requirement for Non-EU Student Visa Applicants

France implements a deposit requirement for non-EU student visa applicants, offering potential refund options under specific conditions. Alongside this, an annual proof of enrollment obligation is introduced. Explore the details of these measures and delve into the factors contributing to France's growing popularity among international students.

In a move aimed at managing potential expenses for non-EU student visa holders, France has implemented a deposit requirement, the specifics of which are yet to be disclosed. This deposit is intended to cover various expenses during the prospective stay of the visa holders in the country.

Deposit Details Remain Unspecified

While the exact amount of the deposit remains undisclosed, it will be refundable under specific conditions, including planned departure, successful permit renewal, or a change in visa category. However, failure to comply with departure regulations will mean forfeiting the deposit.

Increased Scrutiny for Long-Term Permit Holders

The French government is also implementing an annual proof of enrollment obligation for all holders of long-term permits. This measure aims to ensure ongoing compliance and transparency regarding the enrollment status of international students.

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France’s Popularity as a Student Destination

France continues to be one of the most sought-after destinations in the European Union for students. According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics, the country ranks sixth globally in hosting international students.

Leading Countries of Origin

China, India, and Vietnam stand out as the top three countries of origin for a significant portion of international students in France.

China leads with over one million students studying abroad, nearly double the number of Indian students (520,000) and eight times that of Vietnamese students (130,000).

French Students Abroad on the Rise

Notably, France has also become the sixth-ranked country of origin for international students, experiencing a remarkable 245% increase in the number of French students studying abroad over the last five years.


Record Growth in International Student Enrollment

The 2021-2022 academic year witnessed an unprecedented surge in international student enrollment in France, surpassing the 400,000 mark. This marks the most significant growth in international students recorded in over 15 years.

Exchange Programs Drive Growth

The surge is primarily attributed to a 21% increase in the number of European students choosing France for their studies. Additionally, the number of exchange students during this period saw a substantial 46% increase.

France’s commitment to managing the influx of international students is evident in these recent policy changes, ensuring a balance between welcoming students and addressing logistical considerations.

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