Flight Delays: Almost 5 Lakhs Passengers Affected in January 2024, Reveals DGCA Data

In January 2024, Indian airlines grappled with a surge in delayed flights, passenger disruptions, and a slew of complaints, as revealed by DGCA data. Despite growth in domestic passenger traffic, challenges loomed large, highlighting the need for improved reliability and customer service.

In January 2024, the Indian aviation sector witnessed significant turbulence as delayed flights and passenger grievances plagued the industry, according to the latest data released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Delayed Flights and Passenger Disruptions

A staggering 4.82 lakh passengers experienced delays exceeding two hours during the month, amounting to a hefty expense of Rs 3.69 crore incurred by airlines to accommodate affected travellers.

This comes amidst a 4.69% growth in domestic passenger traffic, reaching 1.31 crore compared to January last year.

Flight Disruptions and Compensation

In addition to delays, 1,374 passengers were denied boarding, leading to An additional Rs. 1.28 crore (approximately USD 16,000) was spent on alternative flights, accommodation,  refreshments, and meals for passengers denied boarding (1,374 in total).


Moreover, Flight cancellations impacted another 68,362 passengers, leading to refunds and re-bookings worth Rs. 1.43 crore (approximately USD 18,000).

Market Share and Passenger Complaints

IndiGo retained its dominance in the domestic market, accounting for 60.2% of passengers, followed by Air India with a 12.2% share. However, amidst this, airlines faced a barrage of complaints, with 732 grievances registered, averaging 0.56 complaints per 10,000 passengers carried.

Types of Complaints

Flight-related issues constituted 54.8% of complaints, followed by refund disputes at 17.8%. Baggage mishandling and staff behaviour accounted for 10.4% and 4.7% of grievances respectively.

On-Time Performance

Amidst the chaos, Akasa Air emerged as a beacon of punctuality, boasting an impressive on-time performance of 71.8% across key metro airports, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.



As the aviation industry grapples with operational challenges and passenger dissatisfaction, stakeholders are urged to prioritize reliability and customer service to enhance the overall travel experience.

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