Expatriate Salaries in Saudi Arabia Rank Highest in the World

A recent survey by ECA International has unveiled the Middle East's enticing expatriate salaries, with Saudi Arabia taking the lead as the most generous location. Despite a slight dip from the previous year, expat middle managers in Saudi Arabia still earn an average of £83,763 annually, making it the highest-paying destination globally.

A recent survey conducted by ECA International has shed light on the generous salaries offered to expatriates in the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia emerging as the top destination in terms of remuneration Despite a slight decrease compared to the previous year, middle managers in Saudi Arabia earn an average of £83,763 annually, making it the highest-paying location globally.

Conversely, the UK has been identified as the most expensive country to send employees due to tax and benefits costs. Let’s delve deeper into the survey’s findings and insights.

Expatriate Salaries in Saudi Arabia: A Lucrative Attraction

The Middle East has gained popularity among expatriates, primarily because of its exceptionally generous salary offerings. The MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey conducted by ECA International highlighted Saudi Arabia as the leading destination for lucrative expatriate salaries.

Oliver Browne, the Remuneration and Policy Surveys Manager at ECA International, pointed out that these competitive salaries are instrumental in encouraging people to relocate to the region.


Despite a marginal three percent dip from the previous year, the average expat middle manager’s salary in Saudi Arabia remains unmatched, presenting an attractive proposition for professionals seeking new opportunities abroad.

UK: Costly Location for Sending Employees

While Saudi Arabia stands out for its high expatriate salaries, the UK presents a contrasting picture. The survey revealed that the United Kingdom holds the title of the world’s most expensive country for sending employees abroad. The cost primarily arises from taxes and benefits rather than salary itself.

The average package for expatriates in the UK, encompassing salary, tax, and benefits like accommodation, international schooling, and utilities, totals a substantial $441,608 (approximately Rs 3.62 crore).

However, it’s noteworthy that the salary component constitutes only 18 percent of the overall package, indicating a considerable emphasis on other benefits.


Expatriate Pay Gap Widens Between UK and Japan

Apart from comparing locations, the survey also highlighted a widening expatriate pay gap between the UK and Japan. As the cost of living continues to fluctuate, disparities in salary and benefits have become more pronounced between these two countries.

Hong Kong Rises Among Most Expensive Locations

While the survey emphasized the Middle East and the UK, it also shed light on other locations. Despite a decrease in real terms, Hong Kong has climbed three places to become the world’s fifth-most expensive place to send expatriate workers.

On the other hand, Singapore secured the 16th spot in the rankings, providing insights into the varying cost implications for businesses.

The survey’s findings offer valuable insights into the global landscape of expatriate remuneration, guiding both individuals seeking opportunities and businesses making international employment decisions. As economic conditions evolve, so too will the dynamics of expatriate salaries and benefits in different regions.


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