EU to Introduce Single Work and Residence Permits for Foreign Workers

Explore the latest breakthrough in EU immigration—Single Work and Residence Permits for third-country nationals. This transformative initiative promises a unified application process, common rights, and increased flexibility for workers, ushering in a fair and robust migration system.

Good news for job seekers! The European Union has taken a major step towards attracting and retaining top talent from around the world by introducing single work and residence permits for third-country nationals.

Recently, the European Parliament and Council reached a groundbreaking agreement on a revised Single-Permit Directive, simplifying the process for non-EU nationals to obtain both work and residence permits in a single application.

EU Single Work and Residence Permits

Third-country nationals will soon be able to obtain a single EU work and residence permit without having to follow complicated criteria. The new single work and residency permit will provide the following advantages:

1. Streamlining the Application Process

The cornerstone of this agreement lies in the establishment of a unified application procedure for a combined EU work and residence permit, eliminating the need for multiple applications and easing bureaucratic complexities.


2. A Common Set of Rights

The revised directive extends a common set of rights to non-EU workers. This encompasses vital aspects such as the recognition of qualifications, working conditions, social security, and tax benefits. These measures aim to create a level playing field, ensuring fairness and equality for all workers.

3. Addressing Talent Shortages

The European Commission, welcoming the accord, emphasized its significance in addressing labour shortages across various sectors within the EU. By evaluating the diverse needs of the labour market and aligning them with the right talents, the Commission envisions fostering innovation and driving economic growth.

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Endorsement from EU Leaders

High-ranking EU officials expressed their support for the new rules. Margaritis Schinas, Vice-President for Promoting our European Way of Life, stated that these regulations will contribute to the creation of a comprehensive, fair, and robust migration system in the EU.


Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, underscored the vital role of legal migration in the EU’s economic growth. She emphasized the importance of attracting new talent to the EU, both for the present and the future.

Key Provisions of the Revised Legislation

Upon adoption of the revised Single-Permit Directive, nationals of third countries can apply for a single permit not only from non-EU countries but also from EU Member States, provided they already reside in the state and possess a valid residence permit.

  • Apply from within the EU: No need to leave your current EU residence to apply for a single permit.
  • Faster application process: Streamlined procedures expedite approvals, making it easier for businesses to hire foreign talent.
  • Stronger worker protection: You can switch employers without jeopardizing your permit, and a minimum employment period protects you from immediate permit withdrawal in case of job changes.

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Equal Treatment and Enforcement Measures

Crucially, the legislation ensures equal treatment for all individuals and obliges Member States to implement monitoring and inspection mechanisms. Sanctions are outlined for employers found in violation of the rights of non-EU workers, reinforcing the commitment to fair labour practices.


Formal Approval and Implementation

Before these transformative measures become official, the agreement must undergo formal approval by co-legislators. Once approved, the new rules are poised to reshape the landscape of EU immigration policies, opening doors for a more inclusive and streamlined approach.

We’ll keep you informed of the latest developments and provide further details about the application process when available.

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