Emirates to Introduce Premium Economy Services to Mumbai and Bengaluru


Dubai’s Emirates Airline is set to enhance the travel experience for passengers flying from Mumbai and Bengaluru. Starting from October 29, coinciding with the onset of the winter peak season, Emirates will introduce Premium Economy services on select routes, offering travellers an elevated level of comfort and luxury.

Reduced Airfares for India-UAE Travel

Travel enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as airfares for journeys from India to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are expected to decrease significantly.

Commencing on September 14, these reduced fares will bring relief to passengers who witnessed summertime highs ranging from ₹40,545 to ₹58,565. The new fares will fall within the range of ₹17,885 to ₹21,444 and are anticipated to remain stable until November 1.

Following this period, fares are expected to rise once again, aligning with the festival season and the New Year rush.


Middle-class families Benefit from Fare Stabilization

Basheer Mohammed, General Manager of Europe Travel and Tours, commented on the situation, stating, “After an expensive summer, especially for average middle-class families, fares are finally stabilizing in the India-UAE sector.”

He further elaborated, “Currently, fares to the Mumbai and Delhi sectors range from Dh900 (₹20,271) to Dh1200 (₹27,028.04),” with similar prices for South Indian destinations.

Accessibility Restored for Indian Expatriates

Many Indian expatriates had to postpone their travel plans due to exorbitant airfare increases, surpassing 200% compared to off-season rates. However, the recent significant drop in round-trip travel fares is expected to make travel more accessible to this demographic.

Increasing Inbound Travel to UAE

The UAE has experienced a noteworthy increase in inbound travel, with numbers rising from 28% to 39%. International travellers have displayed a strong interest in exploring the diverse offerings of the country.


According to a media report, Indian travellers are also extending their stays in the UAE, the report further added that about 24% of the visitors are staying for four weeks, compared to the 23% choosing to stay for one week.

Additionally, approximately 15% of visitors stay for five weeks, indicating that short-term tourists seek a brief getaway while longer-term visitors often include those visiting friends and relatives.

Record-Breaking Arrivals in Dubai

In the first half of 2023, Dubai welcomed a staggering 1,223,000 travellers, marking a 43% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This surge in arrivals can be attributed to mega events such as the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023 to COP28.

Anticipated Surge in Inbound Travel in Q4

As the fourth quarter approaches, the UAE’s travel landscape is poised for a significant change. A surge in inbound travel is expected, particularly from India, which remains the UAE’s leading source market for inbound travellers, according to Sachin Gadoya, CEO and Co-Founder of musafir.com and Musafir.


Salam Air Launches New Flights

In addition to Emirates’ expansion, Omani low-cost carrier Salam Air is introducing new flights from Fujairah to Kozhikode starting from October 2, offering travellers attractive promotional fares.

With these developments, travellers can look forward to more accessible and enjoyable journeys between India and the UAE, fostering stronger connections and opportunities for exploration.

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