DigiYatra Expands: Chennai Becomes 14th Airport to Embrace Contactless Travel

Chennai Airport is set to become the 14th airport in India to join the DigiYatra platform, streamlining the air travel experience for passengers. This integration comes as the DigiYatra app user base surges to 45.8 lakh, marking a significant increase.

Air travel in India is about to get a smoother touch as Chennai’s airport gears up to become the 14th to join the DigiYatra platform. This digital initiative by the Ministry of Civil Aviation aims to simplify air travel for passengers by leveraging facial recognition technology.

Milestone Achievement for DigiYatra

The move comes amidst a surge in DigiYatra app users. As of February 10, 2024, the platform boasts a user base of 45.8 lakh, marking a substantial 20.5% increase from the beginning of the year (38 lakh). This widespread adoption highlights the growing preference for convenient and efficient travel experiences.

Enhanced Travel Experience with DigiYatra

Launched in December 2022 at Delhi, Bengaluru, and Varanasi airports, DigiYatra has swiftly expanded to encompass 10 more airports across the country, including Chennai. The platform streamlines the airport experience by enabling passengers to:

1. Navigate seamlessly through security checks: Facial recognition technology eliminates the need for physical boarding passes and identity verification documents.


2. Reduce wait times: Faster processing at security checkpoints translates to shorter queues and quicker boarding procedures.

3. Enjoy a hassle-free travel experience: DigiYatra simplifies the air travel journey, allowing passengers to focus on their trip rather than navigating complex airport procedures.

Platform Accessibility

Out of the 45.8 lakh DigiYatra users, 21.2 lakhs are on the Android platform, while the remaining 24.6 lakhs utilize iOS devices. This accessibility ensures that a vast majority of smartphone users can benefit from the convenience offered by the DigiYatra app, regardless of their device preferences.

Over 1.45 Crore Passengers Benefits

Since its inception, DigiYatra has empowered over 1.45 crore passengers to experience the convenience and efficiency it offers. This innovative platform has not only streamlined airport processes but also enhanced overall travel satisfaction for passengers.


Future Prospects

With more airports set to join the DigiYatra initiative, passengers can anticipate even greater ease and efficiency in their journeys. This expansion reaffirms India’s position as a frontrunner in leveraging technology to enhance travel experiences, further solidifying its reputation as a global leader in the aviation sector.

The integration of Chennai airport into the DigiYatra platform marks a significant milestone in the evolution of air travel in India, promising a future where convenience and efficiency are the cornerstones of every journey.

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