Delhi Airport Unveils Encalm Lounge At T3 For Enhanced Travel Experience


Airport lounges can be a great option for travellers who arrive at the airport early, have a cancelled flight, or are in between connecting flights. These facilities provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for travellers to wait in while at the airport.

Delhi Airport has recently opened a new lounge at terminal 3, International departures, to enhance the airport experience for travellers. Here is more information about this facility.

Encalm Lounge At Terminal 3

Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3 recently opened the Encalm Lounge, a premium facility located on the mezzanine level where the previous ITC Green Lounge was situated. The new lounge, which is currently operational, spans a spacious 12,238 sq. ft and can seat 245 people.

Designed to help travellers relax and reduce their travel anxiety, the Encalm Lounge offers a variety of amenities including uninterrupted Wi-Fi, gourmet and international cuisines, and wellness and spa services. The lounge also features beautiful aesthetics and provides premium comfort for travellers.


In addition to its various amenities, the Encalm Lounge is open 24/7 and provides constant access to flight information, newspapers, magazines, a live cooking station, a bar, and a lounge bay.

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind before a long flight or simply want to enjoy some of the best hospitality services Delhi Airport has to offer, the Encalm Lounge is an excellent choice.


To provide a top-quality airport experience for travellers, Delhi Airport has opened a new lounge at the Mezzanine Level of Terminal 3, International Departures at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

This elite lounge offers a range of services to help travellers have a smooth and seamless travel experience. The amenities provided by this lounge are designed to ensure that travellers have a comfortable and relaxing time while they are waiting at the airport.


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