Delhi Airport: Traffic Movement From Terminal T-3 to T-1 Suspended For 3 Weeks


Delhi’s Indra Gandhi International (IGI) Airport on Saturday announced that due to the ongoing up-gradation work, traffic movement on the carriageway connecting terminal 3 (T-3) to terminal 1 (T-1) of IGI airport, through the underpass, has been suspended for three weeks starting July 23, 2022.

With this change, it is advised for those who wish to travel from T-3 to T-1 to take National Highway (NH-48 or the old NH-8) in order to get to T-1 through the Radisson roundabout.

However, the highway that goes from T1 to T3 will continue to be used to move traffic from Delhi Airport’s T-1 terminal.

Traffic Movement On From T-3 to T-1 Suspended

It is worth noting that due to the suspension of traffic movement the travel time from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 will increase to 20-25 minutes from the current 10-15 minutes. for the next three weeks.


People who have booked connecting flights that require a change of terminal are advised to ensure extra time or, if the connecting flight has less time, they can change the flight altogether to avoid no-shows.

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