Char Dham Yatra: Uttarakhand Introduces Mandatory Registration Process for Pilgrims

The Uttarakhand government has mandated that every pilgrim visiting the Chardham Yatra must undergo a compulsory registration process. The government has made new arrangements for the pilgrimage, including pan-India newspaper advertising and stringent pre-yatra preparations, to ensure the safety of all pilgrims.

The Uttarakhand government has mandated that every pilgrim coming from other states or abroad for the Chardham Yatra must go through a mandatory registration process. In light of this development, the government has also written to the Chief Secretaries of all states.

Increased Pilgrimage Traffic and New Arrangements

According to Uttarakhand government Chief Secretary SS Sandhu, more pilgrims are expected to participate in the Chardham Yatra this year than in previous years. In light of this, the government has made new pilgrimage arrangements.

Every pilgrim will be required to register, and no one will be permitted to travel unless they do so.

The Uttarakhand government also intends to disseminate information about this development through pan-India newspaper advertisements in all languages in every state.


Safety Precautions for Pilgrims

Chief Secretary Sandhu has stated that this arrangement has been made to ensure that crowds do not gather in the four dams and stampedes do not arise. The government aims to ensure that pilgrims have a safe and fulfilling experience.

Stringent Measures for Pre-Yatra Preparation

The Uttarakhand government made some stringent decisions at a review meeting on February 21, 2023. All department officials have been ordered to remain vigilant and complete all pre-yatra preparations ahead of time.

A team from the Border Road Organisation will be stationed in Joshimath on a regular basis to ensure the smooth operation of the Shri Badrinath Yatra. It is worth noting that the all-weather Char Dham Yatra road construction has already been halted.

The Importance of Safety for Pilgrims

The importance of pilgrim safety during the Chardham Yatra has been recognised by Chief Minister Dhami. He has stated that the Char Dhams of Uttarakhand are important religious pilgrimage sites for devotees. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that every devotee’s journey is safe and smooth.



The Chardham Yatra is set to begin in April 2023, and the Uttarakhand government has put in place strict safeguards to ensure the safety of all pilgrims. The government intends to ensure a fulfilling and safe pilgrimage experience for all by requiring mandatory registration, stringent pre-yatra preparation measures, and a focus on spreading information to all states.

(Source: ANI News)

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