Canada Unveils New ‘World’s Most Beautifully Designed’ Passport

The Canadian passport has undergone a remarkable transformation, boasting state-of-the-art security features and stunning artwork. This article explores the redesigned passport, its advanced technology, and the convenient online service options for passport renewal.

The Canadian passport is renowned worldwide for its power and respect as a travel document. It serves various purposes, from facilitating reunions with loved ones to embarking on exciting adventures.

For many immigrants, obtaining a Canadian passport signifies the culmination of their journey towards citizenship and the opportunity to join a diverse and inclusive society that upholds democratic values, freedom, and human rights.

Unveiling the New Canadian Passport

Canada Passport Front Back Cover

Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, and Karina Gould, the Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development, introduced the redesigned Canadian passport last week.

This new passport has undergone a thorough redesign, including cutting-edge security measures and eye-catching artwork. The new Canadian passport underscores its significance for all Canadians by maintaining its position as one of the world’s most secure and universally accepted travel papers.


Notably, the newly designed passport will be started rolling out this summer.

Features of Canada’s New Passport

The updated Canadian passport includes cutting-edge security features to protect Canadian citizens’ identities. Notably, the passport’s data page now uses polycarbonate technology, similar to that used in Canadian driver’s licences.

Personal information is now laser engraved onto data pages rather than printed with ink, resulting in increased durability and resistance to manipulation and counterfeiting.

In addition, the passport has a Kinegram above the primary photo, a special see-through window displaying a secondary image of the passport bearer, a variable laser image, and a temperature-sensitive ink function.’


The following is a comprehensive list of all new features that the newly launched passport will include:

  • Canadian passport redesigned with enhanced security features and stunning artwork.
  • Redesigned cover and updated visa pages showcase Canada’s natural beauty.
  • Images of people, landscapes, and wildlife appear in ultraviolet light.
  • Both new and old versions are secure and reliable for travel document acceptance.
  • New security features include a tamper-proof data page, metallic foils in the shape of a maple leaf on covers, and a debossed maple leaf on the back.
  • Colour-shifting ink, passport chip, and antenna were added for validity confirmation and information security.
  • Kinegram on a page changes colours and appears to move from different angles.
  • Personal information page made of polycarbonate for durability and water resistance, laser-engraved instead of printed.
  • Visa pages feature seasonal art that changes under ultraviolet light, providing additional security features.

Celebrating Canada’s Heritage and Identity

Embracing Canada’s rich heritage and national identity, the new Canadian passport showcases iconic images capturing the country’s natural beauty across all four seasons. This artistic tribute serves to strengthen the bond between passport holders and their homeland.

Furthermore, the redesigned passport features an updated cover design adorned with an outline of the beloved maple leaf—a significant change marking the first in several decades. The rollout of the new passport is scheduled to commence in the upcoming summer season.

Until then, the current passport remains secure and reliable, allowing Canadians with valid passports to renew them as their normal renewal date approaches. Further details regarding the rollout will be announced at a later date.


Expanding Online Service Options

In line with the Government of Canada’s commitment to enhancing convenience and accessibility for citizens, efforts have been made to offer additional online service options. Commencing in the fall, Canadians will have the ability to securely and conveniently renew their passport, make payments, and upload their photographs online.

This modernized approach aims to streamline the passport application process, simplifying the experience for all Canadians.

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