Canada To Resume Mandatory Random Covid-19 Testing For International Arrivals Starting July 19


The Public Health Agency of Canada stated on Friday that beginning July 19, 2022, all international travellers arriving in Canada would be randomly tested for Covid-19.

After receiving many complaints about frequent delays, the Canadian government temporarily suspended mandatory random testing for Covid-19 at all airports early in June 2022 in order to cut airport wait times.

Now, international travellers arriving in the country by air to four major airports nemely Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto will be randomly tested upon their arrival.

Arrival testing changes for all air travellers

Starting July 19, 2022:

  • Mandatory random arrival testing resumes for air travellers qualified as fully vaccinated
  • All COVID-19 testing for all air travellers will be done outside of airports
  • Travellers who must test will receive an email shortly after entering Canada

It is worth noting that there are no changes to arrival testing at land borders.

According to the PHAC, all testing for air travellers, whether fully or partly vaccinated or unvaccinated, will take place outside of airports, either through an in-person appointment at specified testing provider sites and pharmacies, or through a virtual appointment for a self-swab test.

Furthermore, unless exempt, travellers who do not qualify as completely vaccinated must continue to test on Days 1 and 8 of their mandated 14-day quarantine. If the arrival test is positive, a 10-day isolation period is necessary.

Moving testing outside of airports will support testing for travellers arriving by air while still being able to monitor and quickly respond to new variants of concern, or changes to the epidemiological situation. Mandatory random testing continues at land border points of entry, with no changes.


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